Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Maybe I didn't get my fresh peach pie..but those peaches were so wonderful that I could easily peel them with my knife needed.  Then I sliced them..and just ate them plain.  There are two left for sweet husband. 
Who knows why it happened like it did..but like one of you said...I won't complain.  I usually don't get to know the neighbors well like I did as a young wife.  Just a pleasant "hi" but that little girl loves to have me read to her...and I give her bear hugs and we have a good time and besides if anyone got them I'm glad it was her Mommy and her.  I'll live without all the peaches.

We planted this little beauty a few months early Spring.

Even if I'm not here to reap the beautiful harvest...someone will be.  We could get lucky though and have peaches one day to share with our neighbors... :)

Lotsa love,

I think Mele has decided to wait right there for those peaches!  Can't say as I blame her...


  1. A peach tree for a peach of a gal. May you and the tree live on forever just sweet as can be.


  2. Hi "Peach",

    You are a peach of a friend, sweet Mona. Oh, that sweet puppy dog - I just love her to pieces.

    Big hugs,
    Sidney (o:

  3. Awww...think I'm gonna cry...what precious comments...

  4. A MUCH more wonderful PostScript than having another box delivered just for you. That would have been delicious for a moment, but that tree and your legacy is for always.

  5. 3rd year is the charm...You should have peaches by then and definitely by the 4th year...This info comes directly from the tree man himself, my husband...He grows thousands of peach trees every year...I know you can't wait to see that very first peach....
    Hugs to you

  6. I love peaches in pastry (e.g. pie, turnovers), but I don't much care for them fresh....too drippy and messy for me.

    (My mom used to say I was the only little kid she ever knew who could be outside playing all day long and still have clean handsat the end of the day!! I just don't like stuff all over my hands!! Weird, I know.)

  7. That is so wonderful - your own peach tree - and we are the Peachtree state and don't have a peach tree.

  8. Just caught up on your last few posts. I've been 'off line' voluntarily for a number of days now, just popping in for a few minutes once a day, so I have fallen WAY behind with my reading. I'm so glad you found all of your red and white tablecloths...and that the peach tale had a juicy ending :) I'm holding thumbs your healthy looking peach tree leaps up and produces a few good crops for you over the next several seasons :)

    Love the description of your 30 year old, 6 year old visitor :) Too sweet!

    I sent you an ecard...hope you get it :)

    Big hug,
    Des xoxo

  9. Enjoy the peaches, wherever they come from. Your posts make life seem very 'peachy' Mona (smile). Your dog Mele looks so strokable. I'd love to give her a brush. Does she like being brushed?
    Is that real grass in your yard? It is so green and luscious looking, it can't be real, can it?

  10. I love peaches! My favorite ways to eat them are fresh or in a pie. Your yard is so pretty! I wish my grass looked that nice! What a pretty picture of Mele!

    ~ Tracy

  11. Mona peach trees bear fruit earlier than most trees. You might even get a peach or two next year especially if its a dwarf or semi. Used to have an orchard with several types of fruit and I miss it. PS. Stop with the I might not get to enjoy the harvest all ready!


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