Friday, April 15, 2011


Those of you who don't grapple with their hair..probably won't be interested but...

3" with tiny Amethysts .  Look closely to see them. hair has always been an issue with me..always, except for just twice in my life I have had long hair.  Sometimes to my waist.  At this time it is only about half way down my back.  You see..I feel..insecure without my hair. That's the honest truth.  I feel..naked. 

However, with age my hair has thinned and is not the nice thick dark brown mop it used to be. 

I've been told that older women don't wear their hair down and to be honest can be a little witchy looking.  But since I am determined not to have my hair permed into a little silver cap which is lovely but just not me..I prefer my hair to be worn like I swore as a young woman I would wear it when I got old.  Just like Grandma's.

Patient husband took this so it's a wee blurred.  See?  I have NO pride.  I didn't even comb my hair first.. :)
This is how I usually wear my hair.  UP! 
BUT...they cannot take my bangs away from me.  I wear them softened but it is a youthful thing I hang on to with both hands!  I's all I have.   Everyone needs something of their younger days.  The Lord only knows everything else I have is gone! 

Here is a clear picture of it.  I LOVE it!  Very Victorian. 

My Grandmother wore hers long and up in a bun.  When I was a little girl she would take the big pins out and let me brush it...and I was in heaven.  It was white.  Pure white.  Mine still has some of my very dark brown, nearly black, hair in the back.  Not much, but it is there.

Fall leaves.  4"
I have this one with four smaller leaves in bronze.  Wonderful for Fall.
(excuse the's not our fault.  We are old and shakey  :)

This is my only Western one.  It is 4"

This one is just lovely in person.  My photography does not do it justice.  It is 3 1/2 inches.

ALL of my hair clips have the FRENCH clasp.

4" of loveliness! :)
It took all my courage to buy this one as I am not a huge lover of spidey's..but LOVE Fall and Halloween! went well with straggly, thinning hair!  I admit it is one of my very favorite ones.

A rose is a rose is a rose.  Even on a barrette!

And...there are many more.  See that little one on the far left...the black and Australian Crystal one?
That tiny barrette cost me over a hundred dollars!  Yes, at a DEPARTMENT STORE that I won't name.

I quickly went to hand crafted ones...and have noticed as with everything..that my taste has changed over time.

So..there you have it.  My secret passion is hoarding barrettes. 

Hugs..and I hope you still love me after  LOL


  1. My hair was long (past my bra strap or longer) from 13-35 When my dtr was born I cut it because she was always tugging etc I then bought into having my hair and being older didn't mix. This past yr I decided to grow it out again and its mid way btwn shoulder and back and prob will stay there. I wear it clipped up in the back most of the time too - so you aren't alone! I am happy w/ my long hair

  2. How pretty those barrettes are. I love your hair long and up -- I've never been able to wear mine long -- too fine. I always envy a thick head of hair.

  3. Love the new header! I have read a few blog posts lately about hair..including mine! Haha! I think you should be free to wear your hair any way you want. I wish mine were longer, but I don't have the patience to let it go through the growing out stage. I'm sorry I cut it short 12yrs ago! Those barrettes are beautiful and the one pic shows how lovely they look on you. Have a hair raising good weekend!

  4. Oh... I love the spider one! It's really quite beautiful and so is you hair!


  5. Rhat header is Beautiful!
    Your hair is a show stopper; with I could do that. I was blessed with fine hair that have never never co operated with me. Mine is short...enough said.
    HAppy weekend.

  6. Hi Sweet Friend,

    Your barrette collection is beautiful. Yes, handmade is always the best...

    Oh, don't forget to tell your friends that follow you about Abby's Blog. I know everyone will love reading about her adventures. Maybe she will find a barrette of her own at a garage sale. (o:


  7. Your hair is beautiful put up. The hair accessories are quite striking and really make the hair gorgeous. I think to call those pieces barrettes just doesn't do them justice. Just keep on truckin look great!

  8. Such beautiful clips, and perfect accents to your gorgeous hair. I love that you've stayed connected to your grandmother in this way.

    I've let my hair go gray, too, but keep it short because I feel younger that way. Plus then my earrings (I have hundreds of pairs) show better. :-)

  9. Yes Mona, spring IS enchanting....and DON'T cut your hair. My Mom came after me when I was in my 40s and had long, red hair to my waist. I still miss my braids, the twist, the feel of long hair on my back.

    All joys,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  10. I love all of your beautiful clasps ( word for me) and I think the way you do your hair 'up' is beautiful! So elegant and glamorous. I have worn my hair short all of my adult life. I was blessed with very thick hair and it has been the easiest way for me to control/manage it, as I do not like to have to 'fuss' at all.

  11. See...such a new word to me that I can't even spell it correctly!
    B A R R E T T E S (got it right that time!)

  12. These barrettes are so pretty, Mona, and they look sensational in your beautiful hair {I love the one with the amythysts...that's my birthstone!}. I love long hair on everyone, I think you have to have the perfect face for short hair. I've worn my long all my life and someday I may let it go gray, who knows?


  13. Great collection there. I am letting my hair grow out and I truly regret ever cutting it....But...I often ask myself "Why do I want it to grow out when I keep it pulled up all the time?"
    Good question, but no answer....
    Your hair is always lovely....Enjoy

  14. Your barrettes are lovely and so is your hair. All looks gorgeous. I have long hair too and wear it the same way but I have only two of those clasps - one is wood and the other is leather. Now I feel like I want some more! Thank you Mona for giving me permission to go find another one. I love yours, especially the spidery one.

  15. Your hair is lovely and you wear it so well. I adore your hair jewelry. Happy weekend...

  16. Hi Mona,
    I just found your blog and I loved this post! My hair is my security blanket too :) I have tried it short 2 or 3 times in my life and hated it. I'm currently trying to grow mine out to as long as I can get it. I too am not going to be one of those old ladies with a short poodle perm hairdo, I would much rather where it long in a twist or pin it up in a barrette. I loved seeing your collection of big barrettes. I will have to start searching for those for the years to come :)

  17. I love your white long hair.Thats what I want.My Mom had hair like yours.She had a shoe box full of barrettes that are now mine.I try to wear them but they pop off .I think my hair is too thick to keep them in,so sad.I'm growing my hair out just to wear them,maybe half up but thats not what I really want to do.

  18. I love your hair. Mine is not long but like yours, very white but the back still has a bit of dark. I am struggling with what to do with it. It has a mind of its own. I had someone that could cut it perfectly and she quit the salon. I can't grow mine very long as it gets too fuzzy. I'd love short hair and tried it last year......not good. I love the back of yours.

  19. Mona, those are beautiful. I have always wanted long hair but, for some reason I have never managed to have it much below my shoulders before I whack it off.

    My great grandmother had very long hair that she braided and then wound around the back of her head. I remember watching her comb it.....It is a beautiful memory.......kt

  20. As you can see from my picture I very short hair. I'm comfortable with it. Your hair is beautiful and your clasps are grand. I believe we should wear our hair the way it feels right for us. I don't follow fashion but like to be comfortable. Have a great day.

  21. Hi Mona I did not know they were called barrettes we call them Hair Clips here in australia My hair is down to my bra strap I wear it in A clip to It is very fine now It thins out as you get older I am not very grey I think i got my hair from my grannie she was not very grey I hope you and your family are all well I have A new great grand son and my new granddaughter should be here but she is taking her time some time tomorrow we hope .
    Hugs Mary .

  22. You still have the most beautiful hair Mona!
    And I love the clips you bought, so classy and so vintage!
    Thanks for sending prayers for baby Addison too!

  23. all your pretty hair pieces.
    A hundred bucks, hu. Well, it's ok..I paid over a hundred for a certain black and white, large tea kettle...and never looked back.:)))
    hugs, bj

  24. What a pretty collection! The spider one cracked me up! Only you!

    I haven't cut my hair since the bob that's on my sidebar. It's been two years and it's below my shoulders now. I've been trying to grow out my bangs but it's starting to drive me crazy...we'll see, I might have to pay a visit to super cuts. I learned not to do my own!

    I finally got a post up. Not much but it got me back in the bloggy spirit.


  25. HI Mona,
    I love your hair and your barrettes are just beautiful...I would love to have my hair long, but its so fine, so I keep it to my shoulders. I remember Gary's grandma she had long white hair that she would braid or twist into a bun..(I always called it her coco bun), we loved her so..
    Mona you are so beautiful and I know how you feel about your hair. I think we as woman always want to look our best with our hair style.
    I love all the goodies you bought during your garage shopping with the girls..
    Have a sweet day and big hugs to you, Elizabeth

  26. Girl,ya have to be the very first barrette hoarder I've ever met!!! Heeehehehe!

    Ya also have the most beautiful collection I've ever seen. Sweetie, you do have some fabulous treasures there.

    I have to laugh, I'll let my hairdresser do anything she long as it passes my ponytail test. While I'm out workin' on the Ponderosa...I want my hair outta my eyes...gotta see those wild~eyed cattle ya know?

    God bless and have a fabulous day my sweet and beautiful friend!

    BTW: Happy Easter place, ya'll come!!! :o)

  27. Love your beautiful hair clasps and beautiful hair. Just got mine cut too short!


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