Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Are we bloggers "collectable?"  We certainly have value..so..are we?

I've wondered about that.  There is such a warm feeling when one gets a new follower and such a feeling of ..momentary sadness when we lose one.  We wonder what we did wrong.  Did we not post enough?
Were our subjects BLAH! 
Did we not change the subject often enough?  What?  Did we talk to much?  Not take enough photo's?
Well, anyway I wonder.  But then I am a worry wart at times.
Much has been written on this subject..so I am not alone.  I know this...and yet I wonder..

Then there are the hugs.  Once a woman wrote how silly it all was.  She thought it stupid and rediculous and said so.  I tiptoed backward when I read that...and made myself scarce.  It's not that I don't think that others have the right to think it silly...they do.  It's just that..I like it!  I think in this world of so many NOT nice things...that having nice things said about your home, your family, your yard, your pet.....anything you choose to post about, is just so nice.  This is an impersonal world, for the most part...and getting those hugs sent to me is just so neat.  But that's just me...

I worry when I don't get around to visiting everyone.  I have lain in bed and suddenly thought of someone I meant to visit and forgot..gotten up and trotted right in and visited them.  I am learning that the sweet blogging world is a wonderful place to be..and that people understand when you don't show up for awhile and sometimes they come to see just what the heck the matter is...and they really DO want to know you are alright.   Especially when you don't post for a long stretch and they are used to you posting often.  I think that's also nice.  I knew you thought so too! :)

I am really pretty darned happy.  Of course there are things going on in my life.  There are things going on in everyone's life.  Nothing terrible and I thank heaven for that.  A few highs and lows.  But over all..not bad at all.
I want to give you an example of the kind of folks we blog with.   I know you know.....but this is extra special.  Every now and then someone in our community of bloggers reaches out to help.
A prime example is SMB.  Do you know her?  If you don't, she is a neat person to know...and she is just one of so many!!  SO MANY!
SMB or Smart Mouth Broad has a story you should read if you haven't already.  No one wants to read about Breast Cancer because it's frightening...but as awful a subject as it is...you should go read her story.  It just might save your life.
Then there is Di@ The Blue Ridge Gal.   She will make you a gorgeous header...and she does it for NO charge!  Especially nice for those of you who might be like me..not so good on the computer.  Or you just don't want to take the time to make a change.. :)  A warm and sincere thanks is all she asks..  She made mine.  Thanks again, Di!

Ok..I'm done. 
Hugs :) to all of you.

I couldn't get Di's link to work..but she is on my sidebar. 


  1. Love ya Mona..and this is one of many reasons why..A BIG OLE HUG to you ha ha!! Love Gloria

    ¸.*´¸.**´¨) ¸.**´¨)
    (¸.*´ (¸.*´* Lori Lynn *

  3. I have always signed my email with (((((HUGS))))). I like to send (((((HUGS))))) as well. Heartfelt ones. Sometimes I just don't understand why people don't get how we bloggers feel. I suppose there are bloggers out there that aren't their real selves but for the most part, I believe we are. I imagine my blog is a little too personal for most. I love it when people follow me but it's okay if they don't.
    I hope your life settles a little bit soon. (((((HUGS))))) hah

  4. Oh Mona -- who knows why people do some of the things they do -- I've had followers leave too -- don't know why, but oh well. I've met the kindest most warm and thoughtful people here -- and I count you right up at the top of the list my friend!

  5. Oh, I do love your post! There can never be enough hugs in the world...including cyberhugs! I've only been blogging a few months but my faith in humankind has been so boosted. I realize that although there are a lot of mean, bad people out there doing mean, bad things...there are also many, many good people who have such good, loving, caring hearts. A hug to me (whether physically or over the airwaves) will never be silly! Thanks for putting your heart into this one!

  6. Dear Mona,
    I heart you! I hear what you are saying.I have learned so much through blogging about how others live in rural areas and in big citys. We share our triumphs and our defeats. We cry for eachother and laugh with each other. We are friends! and if others do not understand blogging then thats o.k.
    I have heard a few not so nice things said about why people blog, I just pay no never mind...
    My life as a wife, mother, grandma,dauhther,sister,auntie and friend keeps me very busy..I also work full time and commute 5.5 hours a day to work. How do I find the time to blog, I do it because I love to blog and I love the frinds I have made! its just as simple as that. Since Christmas I have had company every weekend and so I have not been able to post or leave messages as much as I hoped too also I have been back and fourth to the Doctor for eye issues.. I had one of our friends email me and ask if I was o.k. I just teared up and my heart felt so full that someone cared enough to ask. Blogging may be silly to some people but its not to me. If I didn't blog when I would have never meant you or the other girls that I call my friends.
    Have a sweet day and really big hugs from me to you....Elizabeth

  7. Such a thoughtful post, Mona - I'm still so new to blogging (just passed the 2 month mark), that I'm not even aware of a lot of what goes on. So far, I've only had really nice experiences and I love visiting the blogs I follow. I think it's probably good not to take it too personally if someone chooses to opt out. Embrace those who embrace you :)


    Des xo

  8. You have posed questions we bloggers must have all asked. I am so glad to be able to blog and read so many blogs. Many bloggers have become friends, really! I think this is this generations' pen pals and don't you love it that we can correspond and communicate in seconds?

    I think most bloggers completely understand their fellow bloggers have a life apart from blogging and if you disappear for awhile sometimes it just means life has gotten busy . But if you disappear for too long at least one of your blogging friends will be checking up on you~that is what friends do.

  9. We bond and laugh together. We know each-others kids and grandkiddos. We swap stories about our spouses, childhood and hobbies then grow to care about each other. It's kinda like that Mama kiss that healed that boo~boo we got as a kid when we pray for one another. Yes, we have a rude commenter every now and again and yes, our numbers may drop not knowin' who or why but the bond we have overrides any of the handful of negatives of the joys we share with our fellow bloggers.

    Do I hear an AMEN???

    God bless you sweet Mona and have a full beautiful day!!!! :o)

  10. Mona,
    I love it when someone sends me a "hug." We are a group of wonderful, loving, kind people. I have never seen so much support, like I do in this blogging world. It's wonderful. We all do the best we can here, and I think we all understand if we can't get around to everyone, all the time. No worries. :)
    Love and BIG hugs!

  11. Blessings my dear friend, tons of blessings to you & Howard. And of course, Mele.

    Have a wonderful, happy day. I know how you feel about losing a dear follower. Being fairly new at blogging I take it personal. It's just the way we are. Don't change, I'm not. (o:

    Heaps of Hugs

    Oh no, here comes trouble - Prudence. "Hi Miss Mona, you are wonderful and we love to read your postings. We love you just the way you are - so sweet."

  12. A hug for you!

    I always enjoy my visits.

  13. Mona, I think we all mourn the loss of a follower. I usually only post once a week, guess that goes to show that I lead a boring life! I love visiting your blog, it makes me smile.

  14. I'll visit these ladies...I love to visit other fun blogs! And SILLY? Well...I would take that as a compliment! We all need to have a little 'silly' in our lives...every day of our lives! And I'm like you....I always feel guilty that I can't get around to everyone....every day! lol But I'm trying to let that go this year and just be happy....OH...and SILLY! Hugs to you, my friend! ♥♥♥

  15. Hi Mona, I love, love your sensitive soul. You are one in a million.

    Happy and blessed Wednesday to you!

    Big ole hugs, Barb ♥

  16. I usually think like You when someone that haven´t visited my blog for a long while starts again :-) Then I wonder what might have happened during her or his absence.

    But I think the most common reason why people doesn´t visit that much sometimes is because we just have to many blogs to visit! I try to visit those blogs I started to visit in the beginning every time they write something new, like You. But I know I do miss one or two posts now and again.

    I did loose one of my best friends to breast cancer so, as You know, every now and again I tell You all to check Yourselves. I never want to loose a friend to that disease again!

    Big hugs my friend :-)

  17. What a lovely post; it alwasy feels good here; you are so kind and full of love. I will go and visit your friends. Hope you are having a nice week.

  18. Thank you for dropping by my blog for a lookey-lou. Don't you just love
    touring South Africa with Deseree! Would you consider joining my family as a follower? If not then please check back often. I LIVE for comments. Check out my February 4th blog to learn little bit aout me (it is my birthday blog).

    Love your playlist. I'm surprised that Out of Africa isn't on there.
    I just tried to put one on my blog too (for the 2nd time) but, I seem to be having a problem.


  19. Great post! Hugs and all.
    The great thing about a blog is we can be ourselves. We don't have to pretend who we are but just be ourselves. That means some will be silly, some will be serious and some will be a little of both. Life is like that. Won't it be a boring world if we were all the same? (Unless everyone was like me. hehe)
    Keep up being you and I keep being me and life will be GRAND!

  20. I just wrote a long letter to you and....
    where is it? did I lose it?

  21. Oh dear! It didn't get here!!! NOOOOOOOOO!!!

  22. Many HUGS to you Mona was a thoughtful and caring post that poses many questions that bloggers may wonder about. We have been blogging for a little over a year now and enjoy it all - posting, reading and replying to comments. We are always excited when the followers number changes, but we also know that not all listed as followers wil read any post cause while we think they are ALL just too fascinating; others may not agree. But we continue because we enjoy it and hope others do as well - at least some posts. I too have friends who have successfully battled breast cancer, so I will check out SMB's blog later today. Blogging is definitely the new pen pals and way better than any of those social network sights. Thanks for your insights and caring, Mona. You are a lovely person and I am glad to have "met" you.

  23. Hi Mona,

    I agree, this is an impersonal world these days, and all the more reason that hugs are so very precious...even when they are virtual. They are still just as warm, and just as lovely. Thank you so much for stopping by to say hi to me. Miss you!!!

    Huge hugs,

  24. Hi Mona- I end many of my notes with a "hugs, Sue." However, not everyone gets this, I save it for those with whom I have developed a "kinship."
    Ya know, I used to wonder why someone "un-followed" me and it bothered me, but I have to admit that I have done the same thing. Sometimes, our tastes and interests change, and that blog no longer holds our interest. While I might feel a little guilty, I also have come to realize that I just don't have the time to visit everybody as often as I was once able to. Time is a valuable commodity and in this day and age I think we sometimes tend to over-extend ourselves. These days, when someone chooses to follow me and leaves a comment, I pay them a visit, as is bloggy etiquette. But I do not feel the obligation to follow them back, especially if their blog holds no interest for me. I guess I've just become more selective.
    Okay, no more book here! Wanted to say that as your new blog header was loading, I kept wondering why there was a picture of me in there! OMG- it was the picture of your daughter wearing the black sweater! Maybe we are long lost relatives somewhere?! LOL
    Sending HUGS, Sue

  25. Hi Mona. I completely relate to your post. I end most of my comments with hugs but not all but that doesn't mean I care any less for that person. Even in my personal life I am a hugger and some of my friends and family are but not all. You just sense who really wants/needs that hug.
    Big up and coming weekend hugs, Sue

  26. Hi! It's been too long since I have had much of a chance to stop by. I always enjoy hanging around your place when I do get time, though. I love to see what you are doing and how you are decorating your home. :-) Keep it up. So much fun!


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