Friday, December 10, 2010


So on to the kitchen...yes  indeedy!  Since you spend so much time in the kitchen, it really is an important place to have a bit of the Christmas cheer, don't you think?  I do!

Doesn't EVERYONE have a Santa coffee pot?  I love this one and cannot even remember where or when it came into my possession... but there it is.

Ah yes...and the kitchen sink of course...
Oops!  That little pitcher was not supposed to be in there.  I was watering the Poinsettia's. 

I sort of like to get the broad view of things now and then instead of constant close-ups of things.  You get a better feel for the home you are visiting.  It's nice to see up close...but...still...
You think I need to hang more dishtowels? :) 

And this is my beloved island.  The kitchen is really a pretty good size, but I must have my island.  I hate that running back and forth..and in old homes they didn't have them. day I would like to find an old rustic one.  I am always on the look out.
The entire island holds baking things such as large bowls and other baking things. 
Oh..and it holds a VERY large Tupperware container of flour.  I believe it holds ten pounds. 
Probably the only Tupperware I have left..except for those LARGE mixing bowls. 

And THIS sweet bloggy friends, is my GINGERBREAD TREE!!
Ta Dah!!

I realize my Christmas decor is a bit overwhelming to some, but remember I have been saving my Christmas things forever and they have memories that I love and make me feel at home.  My Christmas things date back to 1955 and I treasure them.  Some I made because we were so broke and my children love those the most. 
By the way...that red toaster?  I don't trust it one bit.  Sometimes my toast ends up clear up on the bar or over in the sink and even on the floor.  I am not at all certain WHY it started misbehaving..but I try to have patience as it is getting old like me...and my age is showing too.  We sort of understand one another..but..I admit I get a wee impatient when the toast lands on the floor for pity sakes!!

My love to all of you...and I hope those of you that are having trouble sort of getting into the spirit..well..I hope it helps a bit.  Many hugs..


  1. Mona, I LOVE your cute little gingerbread tree! It would look right at home in my kitchen.

  2. Beautiful, there is no other word, just BEAUTIFUL.

    And I have never seen a Santa coffee pot, that is priceless. Treasures, I have decorations from my Grandparents and those I hold the closest to my heart. I love traditions and I just enjoy hearing about them from others. And looking at their Christmas trees. (o:

    Thank you, sweet friend, for the wonderful tour. I will be back to enjoy this post again, several times, over the weekend.


  3. I love your kitchen Christmas cheer! The Angels have invaded mine along with a few sign and bells. I like to scatter Christmas throughout. It's just to great of a celebration to hold up in one room!!!

    Enjoy it sweet Mona.

    God bless and have a stupendous weekend sweetie!!!

  4. Mona, I adore your Santa coffeepot...hmm, a new hunt and google search is next on my agenda.
    Your Christmas kitchen is very festive and inspiring:-)

  5. Well, that just took my mood over the top and I feel it's beginning to look like Christmas. What a sweet home you have and I'd love to have tea with you anytime. That Gingerbread tree is just perfect for your lovely kitchen. So sweet.

  6. I loved viewing your Christmas kitchen. It looks so warm,inviting, and charming. I would love to drop by and visit. Guess I will have to be content to do it via the blogging world. Happy Holidays to you and MR. Sweet.

  7. Yes, Mona, everyone needs a Santa coffee pot, so why don't I have one???? Waaaaaaaaaaah! Your kitchen is wonderful and festive. Love it!

  8. OH Mona I have just been having A catch up on your blog and I tell you Girl you have the House I Dream of I love everything I love those dolls I have A few myself Yea just like A big Kid still playing with dolls I hope you yhave A Very Merry Xmas and A Happy New Year .
    Hugs Mary.

  9. I love all your decorations and your spirit. I am gonna look one more time and hope it is contagious.

    You know the ten second rule...If food is on the floor no longer then ten seconds, it is still good to eat!!!

  10. I love your pretty kitchen! And how special to have decorations from many years past! I have things that I have made or from the thrift store...but not from my past! Merry Christmas to you, sweet friend! Enjoy this special time! I'm so glad we are friends! ♥

  11. Mona -- I love your amazing kitchen all dressed for Christmas! What a wonderful Santa Coffee pot!

  12. Your kitchen and Christmas decorations are just perfectly heartwarming. I so adore the cherished and sentimental treasures you have. Happy Holly Jolly Joy...

  13. Happy, happy, happy is how I would describe your darling kitchen. I'm sure you smile each and every time you walk in there... the coffee pot with the Santa on it is just so unique, I've never seen one... hugs ~lynne~

  14. Loved the coffee pot, even though I don't drink coffee!

    I have been saying that my house is full for many years now, but even when I acquire some new Christmas things, I still manage to find room somewhere!! At Christmas, it makes me feel warm and happy, and just like you, surrounded by memories! As long as there is a pathway from the front door to the bedroom to the bathroom....then I'm good! It's only for a few weeks anyway!

  15. I love your Santa coffeepot. I have a yellow coffeepot but without the Santa.
    Your kitchen looks very homey. I enjoy visiting your blog.

  16. Hi Dear Mona! Oh, I love seeing your kitchen all Christmased out! :) Your little gingerbread tree is adorable! Now I say...the more stuff the better! Love seeing your redness too.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  17. Hello Mona~ what a beautifully bedecked kitchen.
    It's so pretty I'd be be ordering take out, so that sweet decor wouldn't get mussed.
    Your coffee pot reminds me of the style of coffee pot my mom would brew coffee in every morning. It was my Pop's alarm clock.
    I'm finally getting around to decking the halls of my home.
    we'll be cutting our Christmas tree from the backyard this weekend when my college boy is home. That's sure way to get us in a festive mood.
    Do you like playing Christmas music while decorating? For me the music welcomes a wonderful sentiment of the season to the air, as does the aromas of baking.

    It's good to be back, I hope you get a chance to stop by for a visit.

    Sweet wishes,

  18. No I don't have a santa coffeel pot; would love to be at your place; everything has Christmas touch.
    I think I'm going to add more Christmas in my kitchen.

  19. Your santa coffee pot is just so cute! I'm always amazed at the sweet decor items around your house, Mona. So sweet for the holidays. AND you can never have enough towels hanging in the kitchen, especially when busy cooking for family.


  20. Your home says CHRISTMAS to me and i like it :-)

    Have a great day now!

  21. I think your kitchen looks so beautiful and cozy! Using what makes us happy is important, and memories and things that are special mean so much during the holidays. Thank you for sharing your lovely Christmas decor:>)

  22. You know, Mona, I think I'm kinda getting like your red toaster---a little bit unpredictable, a little bit over-enthusiastic, a little bit ornery, even, in my own older years. But I still work, so there's that.

    And I've been known to fling a thing or two into the sink, as well, given the right impetus.

    I LOVE your house---every inch---and when you DO find that perfect old island, I'm sponsoring a Retirement Home for Unwanted Islands, and will have the U-Haul at your door in nothing flat.

    You KNOW I've always loved that one with its perky flowers and upbeat MONA attitude!

    Have a Holiday as Happy as your House!


  23. Oh Mona, I finally got caught up w/what's going on in your life! You've been one busy gal. The house looks cozy and Christmas-y and I love all your red. My gingerbread tree didn't get put up this year. Maybe next... I am satisfied with what's done and that's it. You are so fortunate to have your family, even with their ups and downs. That's what the season is all about, isn't it? To blazes with how the house looks or how we don't quite measure up to the rest of the world! I think I've gotten enlightened! LOL I hope you are truly enjoying the Christmas season, my friend! Hugs, Sue

  24. O such a beautiful Christmas kitchen. I just love it all. And...I am so in love with your cute kitchen tree. I want one really bad but....not a spot to put it in. BUMMER...I just MAY find about a 6 ft. tree at the thrift shop after Christmas and then I could use it. I have a spot ON THE FLOOR but not on counter tops.:))
    xo bj

  25. Not a problem for me Mona. The more decorating, the better,in my book. I have to be restrained at home. However, I have toned it down a lot over the years because it gets harder to stand on chairs and pin things, hang things, stick things. You know.
    Love all your decorations. It looks wonderful.
    A very welcoming home, that's what it is.
    Blessings, Star

  26. OH Mona! We decorate so much alike! My house looks like a toy store every year and every year I say that I am going to tone it down, or do something more sophisticated...but I can't. Christmas is all about toys and sugar plums and I just have to go the route of LOTS of things and your home is making my heart dance. If mine looks anything like yours then I am renewed with delight. It's a treat for the eyes and it makes me feel like Christmas is magical. I love it!!! It's cozy and warm and delightful :)

    Huge hugs,


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