Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I have nothing.  Nope nothing at all.  But, Dawn at A Cottage State Of Mind and I are having birthday GIVAWAYS.   However...I have NO idea what I want to give as my very FIRST giveaway.  So..I will announce it by Friday.  I promise.  Just can't make a decision.  (Libra?  Ya think???)

It's early for Halloween and I am just fidgeting to get out there and dig through my October things.  I really am tempted you know.  Yes...I am....  I keep watching for someone else of break the ice and do it!  I did find one...and it was just adorable..but I will wait another week..(maybe!) RAN into the AC out by the garage this morning.  Not that you are interested in such a stupid thing..
I was fighting those blankity blank ANTS and was spraying away...and BLAM!  I literally saw stars!  First thought??  "THAT'S WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU GO AROUND KILLING THOSE LITTLE ANTS!"   Now I have this huge goose egg on the left side of my sweet little forehead.  What an owie that was!
So I went back into the house, looked in the mirror...debated on whether to cry or not to cry...decided on a chocolate chip cookie and some hot coffee instead! 
I 'm feeling much better now!
Isn't Chocolate just AMAZING???   :)
Love and hugs,


  1. Oh, you poor baby. OUCH.

    We have to take care of you. FIRST - ICE, then the chocolate.

    We hurt now because you hurt. Go, get some ice for that bump (it's not too late), and another cookie. (o:

    Heaps of Kisses
    Nurse Prudence
    Jr. Nurse Sissy (giggle)

  2. Oh baby, I knew you were my kinda buddy. Yep, everything is better with chocolate!!!

    So you are a September baby too. Aren't we just the bomb??? Heeehehehe!

    I'm so sorry about your bump, you be careful out there sweetie! We have had ants in the soil this year like nothing before. Every time I would dig or pull a weed, my arm would be swarmin' with ants. Go figure!

    You have yourself a beautifully blessed day and another chocolate chip cookie~~~~just for me!

  3. Oh Mona,
    You always make me chuckle! I hope your poor little head will be ok. And I am trying so hard to will my daughter into labor but it doesn't seem to be working yet. She's two weeks from her due date today but she is so big I am just sure that baby is ready!
    And Happy B-Day on the ?.
    Will have to enter the give-aways, woohoo!

  4. Go ahead, hang up-put out and shout HI to October. You be the first. Sorry to hear about your poor head! Cookies make a lot things better. Hugs. Tammy

  5. Oh, Darlin'!

    A head-whack!! I walk into things now and then, and I think if I'm able, I look around first to see who saw me.

    But that Chocolate Cure---you know, that just ought to catch on. Especially when you've got Dr. Mary's Intensive Care practically down the street---all those cupcakes and cookies and bluebirds and hearts and things.

    I swooned most over the lemon and lime ones---the citrusy things can heal STITCHES!

    Feel better---take two cookies and blog again in the morning.


  6. As I write this, I am glancing to my right and there is a post about a chocolate chip bundt cake. I would think that baking a chocolate cake would be good therapy for you. I just looked at it and it looks yummy.When is your birthday anyway? Balisha

  7. Chocolate will heal all boo boos...and who can cry when you're enjoying it! Hope your boo boo heals up quickly! You are too sweet to be pitiful! HUGS! ♥♥♥

  8. Chocolate chip cookies will cure anything! Hope you don't have a headache!~Hugs, Patti

  9. You didn't tell me it was that bad! Yes, chocolate works for most things but I think ice would be better for the goose egg! I bet those ants moved the ac into your path! They're determined little creatures!

  10. Well now that Fall is here and it is going to get cooler out maybe those darn ants will finally leave you alone. Sure hope that bump goes away soon. You didn't damage the a/c did you :) When I was little my mom would always ask me if I damaged the item I ran into or fell on top of. Silly huh?

    Glad to see you posting still. I have blog burn out too. I feel like even though I've been super busy I have nothing worth writing about.

    Happy soon to be Birthday!


  11. Come on Nora what are you doing to yourself down that part of the world you will have to be carefull or you wil get fat from all the chocolate cookies you are eating LOL.
    Hugs Mary.

  12. Glad it wasn't more serious. Sorry to hear about your ants - my post is about out invasion!


  13. Please be careful when killing those pesky critters! Those bumps on the head hurt!

  14. OOH that hurts! I sort of felt it myself when reading it! But I think You came up with the best solution :-) :-) Chocolate in any way is always right :-) :-)

    So You still have that ant problem! Our cold weather helps us at least with any insects most of the year :-) I hope You win the fight against them soon!

    Take care now!

  15. Oh Mona ~ I'm sorry to be laughing but you have the most adorable personality! Put some ice on that boo boo and have another cookie. (Notice the Halloween pun).

    Lots of love,
    Susan and Bentley

  16. Chocolate cures almost anything!!! I carry it in my first aid kit.

  17. Oh Mona, you poor baby! I can just bet that hurt a ton. Sending you a virtual kiss patch :) I always did that with my boys, I'd kiss my hand then touch the ouwy. It helps! :) Chocolate is of cours also a wonderful cure-all!!


  18. Howdy Sweet Mona
    Oh my goodness what a way to usher in Autumn !
    I do hope all is well again and there are no lasting bruises or pain .
    I do believe because your wise enough to go for the chocolate that all is going to be as right as rain really soon.
    I just love visiting you and have really missed my blogging visits .
    However parents come first these days time enough for blogging when the days get shorter.
    Until than happy birthday giveaway and may you be all better as quick as a wink.
    Big hugs from Texas
    Until Next Time
    Happy Trails


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