Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Welcome to our world~

Ok...these are nothing you have not seen before..but it was my Saturday's treasure hunt finds..
Not many garage sales out there...but I did visit a little shop right off our main street call The Tin Lion and her prices were least I thought so. Not that far from garage sale prices. What fun!

I know..just another basket..but I love it... who knows why something just hits home it came. Tin Lion find for $2.00

This bowl is about 8 inches across and very heavy. I doubt it is crystal..but certainly heavy glass. Notice the little roses around the edge..
My picture cut off the handles...darn it! The Tin Lion sold this for $2.25.

The hand crocheted doilies cost the most at a garage sale. Still when you think of the work that went into them...not bad ast all. They were 2.00 each.

This doily cost $4.00 but to me it was worth it. Sorry my pictures are so dark. I always decided to take pictures in the evening...

I think this little item is great. It was a quarter and is by Palmpered Chef.

This tiny tea pot was being sent to Goodwill by my daughter...I salvaged it. It is just a decoration I am sure..but I loved it. At Christmas I can add a bow in that little loop and hang it....somewhere... ???

p> This was from the same garage sale as the doilies..but was just $1.00. I have about a dozen of these hanging in my red kitchen...this one has found a home. I like that large loop to hang it.

Now this was my favorite find. A tiny silver candle holder. $1.99 and I LOVE it. Again, I forgot to take a "before" picture of it but it was black with tarnish. I am not a tarnish lover...looks good in other homes..but in mine it doesn't look right.

And this has been used by sweet husband every single night! It cost just 25 cents! One push and his apple is cut and served just as you see it. No plate needed. lol LOVE that man!

The missing slice is in his mouth! :)

That's it! And just think....Saturday is almost here again. The trunk is getting loaded with things that are going to Goodwill! I take things out when I bring things in. Good idea? You betcha! (ok..I don't ALWAYS do that.)

Hugs for all of you sweet, patience and kind bloggers who come here ...and hope I will have something good to show you... :)



  1. Mona, I love the cut glass piece that you found and those doilies,too. We sure love to shop our yard sales and yes, we are just addicted to hunting for bargains, there is no doubt about it! I am planning out tomorrow's yard sales in between reading blogs tonite. ooops. it isn't nite anymore! I guess I better hit the hay so I can be fresh in the morning!
    xo Sue

  2. I think you found several great treasures. I'm having a big garage sale this weekend. I'm hoping someone loves an item they get at my sale enough to blog about it somewhere.

    So tell me, have you had any visitors since we were there?


  3. I love your summer blog look Mona!

  4. I really like that candle holder and the little tea pot. But I´m not sure the tea pot is just for decoration. I´ve seen some in that size made for just one cup. Perfect if one isn´t a tea lover like me and drinks huge pots every day :-) :-)

    Do You remember when we talked about You looking for a book for me when You were on those garage sales? I couldn´t for my life remember what ir was, but just now it popped up in my head :-) It was The wind in the willows by Kenneth Graham. A childrens book that I loved all my life :-)
    Have a great day now!

  5. I'm telling you , I have just got to get out to garage and estate sales! You are finding some real treasures there, and getting a pretty good price discount at that!

  6. hi Mona,
    You always find such great treasures! I love that little tea pot, too cute. I am like you, I try to get rid of something when I bring something in, but sometimes it's hard!
    Hope all is well with you dear,
    Hugs, Cindy

  7. Mona,
    Great finds for you! Looking forward to see what you bring back from Goodwill! Love the peek at your living room and hubby :)

  8. Gosh Mona, I would love to go shopping with you. You find the prettiest things and at the best prices!!

    I love the cozyness of your room. I could easily cuddle up in there and take a nap.


  9. I'm just waaaayy to lazy to get up that early and do the garage sale treasure hunt but am always amazed at what others find. You go girl!


  10. I just love all your treasures! It's fun when you just never know what you'll find! As always - happy hunting!

  11. Great stuff! I like that intention...take out, when you bring in! Wish I could remember to do that!

  12. oh Mona, what great finds and wonderful prices!!! please may I come along next time you go?

  13. I just love your doilies. I to love doiles. There so hard to walk away from. Their so dainty and versatile. You can use them for anything. We to have an apple slicer. Don't they work great? It looks like you found a lot of nice stuff at the garage sales. I to just love garage sales. There so much fun.

  14. You are the blood hound for bargains. I think I shall just send you money and let you find me treasures.

  15. Hi Mona! Oh, lucky lucky you! What wonderful things you found and great prices. Wish we had a place like that around here! Love the doilies and you probably couldn't even buy the thread to crochet them with for those prices. Pretty little tea pot! Oh, you're having fun! You know how I love my fun!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  16. I like your finds Mona. They all look so good and so cute.
    I love how your wallpaper matches your banner at the top. How did you manage that, I wonder?

  17. Someday I'm going to come and visit you and do nothing more than tag along while you shop. Your finds are always amazing.

    I'm jealous.

    Is that a bad thing?


  18. Love that old potholder. A pampered chef item for 25 cents? and doileys are always handy!

  19. Cute little teapot. So dainty. That old potholder caught my eye. And never enough doileys in my life. Great finds. Thanks for sharing. Stella

  20. Oh, I love all your treasures. I really love that $4 doilie. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who keeps bringing baskets home. What a cute little pitcher. I have a box to send to thrift stores, too. Problem is, I bring home more than I give back. lol.

  21. G'day Mona ~ love your previous write.

    What great finds you do acquire ... wish you lived closer, our Goodwill is terrible here ... I'd be meeting you at the door.

    That wee teapot is adorable! ... great rescue.

    Have a wonderful weekend.
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  22. Those are great finds Mona! We all sure love garage sales and thrift shops don't we?? By the way, I like the new look of your blog!! Have a wonderful and fun weekend.

    Susan and Bentley

  23. Mona, you have such a beautiful and cozy home. I love all the wonderful treasures you found... hope you're having a great week..
    hugs ~lynne~

  24. I love your little tea pot. The idea of bring something out when you bring something in is sooooo wise!

  25. Mona, your home is so pretty! It reminds me a lot of the house my mother used to own. Very cozy and very welcoming.

    LOVE your finds. Hey, cannot beat 4.00 for a crocheted piece. I always think of all of the time spent making these.

    LOVE the apple corer/slicer/thingy! Too cool!

    hugs to you,

  26. I try so hard to take things out when new come in, but somehow, I think I am losing that battle...great finds!!


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