Wednesday, June 30, 2010


BETWEEN NAPS ON THE PORCH has some of the most glorious tablescapes you will ever see anywhere! If you haven't seen them, but surely you have, do go take a peek! You will be amazed!

Well, not everything is secondhand.
But...I did make a sinful meal tonight. A large pork roast with baked beans and a tossed green salad. Jammin'bread huge cupcakes with Vanilla Bean ice cream on top.
So...I wanted to use some of my favorite dishes...and I did. Even a bit of candlelight. The candlestick was won on a giveaway. Lucky me!

The dishes are Neiman Marcus. "Rooster" is the name of them by Queen's china co.
The flatware is by Towle and I love it. I don't recall the pattern. The little teapot napkin rings are silver plate and were gift from my daughter, Mary. Well, not exactly a gift.
She was going to give them to Goodwill and I rescued them. She "rescues" a lot of things from me too...and usually things that do NOT need rescuing!
The apples? Who knows. They just looked nice sitting there so left them.
The placemats with the open cut were just beautiful and I bought them at a garage sale. I bought six of them and the price was almost nothing. They are my favorites.
The pretty little etched glass in the pictures were bought at an estate sale, 10 for $6.00. I think they are from Princess House...but who knows. They are crystal and just beautiful.
The footed tray was also a garage sale item and it was $1.00. The silverplate service was $6.00 at another garage sale. I bought twenty eight napkins for $5.00 at the same garage sale.

Daughter Mary carted off a dozen of them. No matter, I have plenty left. :)
I tend to buy my things at garage sales as some the of stores that sell things for such great prices are not near me. Bummer, huh? :)

Well...that was fun! Have a great Thursday and those of you with all that wonderful rain..send some our way..ok?
Love and hugs,


  1. Wow Mona!
    I love the rooster plates, the flatware and the tea set is just amazing! What deals you get! Can I go shopping at garage sales with you? Love it all, just gorgeous!
    Happy 4th too!
    Hugs, Cindy

  2. Mona,,
    I amwith Cindy, I love those plates! That silver coffee pot and service is great!

  3. Hi, what a fabulous table, your silver is amazing, love your pretty placemats.


  4. Wow, you are a great garage sale shopper! Love the table -- you didn't mention the wonderful quilt beneath all your pretties. The red and white dishes really speak to me, especially the darling cup and saucer!

  5. Hi Mona! Oh, I just love your table! Now I'm coveting all over the place looking at your gorgeous dishes! They're Roosters! Yet they're elegant! Pretty silver pieces too. Now your dinner sounds so good even though I've just had my tiny breakfast! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  6. Mona, what a festive table for such a low price. It is amazing how you find all those valuable things at garage sales. Lucky girl. I love those placemats and of course the silver is a treasury. You have set a beautifull table. Wish you a very nice 4th of July.
    Greetings, Johanna

  7. What a nice table. Those plates are among my favorites, although I don't own any...yet! Your silver coffee service is beautiful.
    Mona, a great weekend!

  8. Mona, what a rich looking table. I adore your plates, fell in love with your napkin holders... they are soooo unique. I've never seen anything like them... drooling over your tea service. I hope you and yours have a fantastic w/k.... hugs ~lynne~

  9. Good morning Mona, girl ship that silver tea set to me right now...ha ha!! Oh girl I love it all those dishes are to die 4...and Hey I have a few daughters that shop my house all the time...Dawna was just here last weekend and my house is lighter now ha ha!!
    That one's truck looks like a low-rider when she leaves here...
    Hope you have a GREAT fourth my friend...girl it's been 100 up on my mountain...way too hot for this ole lady...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  10. I adore your patriotic spirit. It is red, white and bluetiful!

    I hope you'll stop by for my bbq on an Anthropologie inspired white tablecloth. :)

  11. Love your pretty table Miss M but what I really LOVE LOVE LOVE is your patriotic heart!

    I'm not really sure why...but whenever I visit you I always come away SMILING so big. You have the gift of encouragement without even saying a single word.

    I love that about you...sweet, little YOUNG, YOU!


  12. Hi Mona! Love, love, love those rooster plates! I bet your dinner was a winner too. Sounds like it was just delish!!

    Susan and Bentley

  13. Isn´t there a song called "Second hand Rose"? I have a vague mamory of hearing Bette Midler singing that long ago.

    I do like those rooster plates! Not only roosters on them, they are red too :-)
    Have a great day now!

  14. What a pretty table! You sure have found some wonderful treasures and at such a fabulous price. I love your silver pieces.

  15. Your table is very elegant. I love the little teapot napkin rings-glad you rescued them! Happy Fourth!

  16. So pretty! I love plates with roosters on them. They are really pretty with the silver.


  17. What a wonderful table! I love it all. I too have a daughter that takes things she sees from my house. Sometimes, I don't know she took something until I see it at her house. It is fine with me too. I think when they do that, it makes you feel like they like your taste too. Have a wonderful weekend. Blessings, Martha

  18. Very beautiful! It's fun to have family treasures mixed in with thrifty finds! Enjoy your holiday weekend! ♥

  19. Beautiful table, and what fantastic garage sale finds! I love the mood of casual elegance you've created here, very nicely balanced.

    Hope you and yours have a wonderful 4th!

  20. I love, love, love those rooster plates. Definitely one of my favorites. Such a beautiful tablescape with the fabulous linens and silver. Your silver coffee service and tray are stunning. Beautiful. I hope you have a super 4th. Hugs, Marty

  21. Love your rooster dishes and they are the perfect color. What a bargain on the silver set. Have a happy 4th. Stella

  22. Your table setting looks so elegant. I love it. I love second hand stores too.

  23. wow i love it all. hooked on roosters so those grabbed my eyes first and then your stunning silver.. super.

  24. Would you mind if I showed a picture of your tablescape and linked to your blog? It is one of the prettiest 4th of July decorations I have ever seen!

  25. $6??? Oh that is a deal! Love the entire table! Those placemats are gorgeous. Thanks for stopping by:-) Have a great 4th!!

  26. Those are some might fine g.s. finds to make a nice table and cupcakes too.
    You were cooking today in more ways than one.

  27. I love your dishes! And your silver is so elegant -- what great deals! Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful 4th of July!

  28. Very pretty! Thanks so much for visiting me! Love, ~Nana~

  29. Such a lovely table you set. I love your dishes with the roosters. All of your treasures are just too wonderful. Happy and safe Fourth of July.

  30. Lovely tablescape! I love the checkered pattern on the plates! Keep your flag-a-wavin' Joan

  31. Great deals! You make everything look so pretty too. I can't believe you got that silver set for $6.00! Well, I do believe you, it's just that's such a great deal :-)
    Have a wonderful 4th of July.

  32. Oh Mona, you have the prettiest things and you get the best deals. Love those plates and the silver items...Christine

  33. What an amazing deal you got on the silver, and the other things. I'll have to come shop where you live but then you wouldn't want the competition.
    By the way the foreign language comment is spam and should be removed. They can lead to some nasty sites or just to advertising. If you leave them then they keep coming back.


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