Thursday, March 18, 2010


This below is my office and library area just off the kitchen and it is NOT ready for company as it is early and I didn't plan on photo taking.

This is where I sit when blogging...and now and then I feel something soft brush my ankle or a paw is placed on my foot and I usually go on with what I am doing..

But today I picked up the camera to show you what is constantly under my desk chair if I am in it.

...and this sweet girl doggie taps me. On occassion I will reach down and pick her up, but I more than likely will absent mindedly reach down and bury my hand in her soft gorgeous coat and then go on typing. She went through the death of Frank with me, just as Winnie went through the death of Pat. If you are not a lover of animals, I have to tell you that I don't understand.

Yes, they are a responsibility. Yes, you do have some things you must do for them. But I can tell you this, when my tears wouldn't stop and life went on for others when mine had come to a halt, she got me up in the morning..made me put one foot in front of the other and gave me reason to get through the day. No tears were hidden from her.
It hit me that my time with her is limited. Or hers with me. We shall see. I pray that if it is hers with me, that someone reaches down and pats her little head, feeds her a tidbit of toast and lets her sleep at their feet at night. Am I asking too much? Am I? Please God, don't let me be asking too much.
Love to all of you and I hope your St. Patrick's was blessed in some way.


  1. I truly understand. In the 2 1/2 mo since Emily has died I find how much a part of my everyday life she was. We have decided to get another dog but not until the winter so I can devote the months for puppydom. A new dog won't replace Emily but I know that I need another fur baby in my life. It has been great reading everyones blogs abt their babies - so pls keep posting

  2. Yes what would life be without our animals? I can´t imagine mine without them.

    No Your not asking to much, not at all!
    Take care now!

  3. Mona~~~

    You have such an eloquent way of writing, it just gets me every time I come to visit you. You have such a precious ball of fur there. I can practically feel how soft she is. And those eyes!!

    I thought I was the biggest animal lover in the world. Though I lost the best dog in the world several years ago, (and he will never be replaced) I have been blessed with Milo & Layla and that is more than I could ever ask for. It's true...they get us through the hard times. They lick our tears and soothe our pain.

    Thank you for putting into words what I never thought to say, sweet lady.


  4. Mona, she is a little sweetie! I can't imagine life without animals. Their love is so unconditional.
    I have two kitties, and one or the other of them is always on my lap or trying to climb all over the keyboard while I am typing. The little one will often sit on my shoulders with her head smooshed into my hair. Silly cat! :-)

  5. Such a sweet (albeit with a tad of sad) post. Our Bucky is so faithful and so desirous to please. I too get sentiment and wonder "how many more times" when I get excited over the beauty of the falling leaves of autumn or the beautiful blooms of Spring.
    Thanks for sharing such lovely thoughts and precious moments of your life.

  6. Mona, that was just so heartfelt and lovely. It had been a LONG time since we had a dog, when last Fall our DD asked us to keep her little FuzzyPup for a few months whilst they were transferred.

    She made it open-ended, as in if we fell in love with him, he was OURS, but if we felt we needed to let him go back with them when they went home, they'd take him.

    (KNOWING my propensity for latching on to children and other small creatures, that was kind of funny in a way).

    Now, he's such a part of the family after these few months, with his new coming-of-spring haircut, and his learning all the words about "out" and "dinner"---he and his scruffy old bed and his pink toy, his two bowls by the stove, and his special little drawer for treats are as much a part of our home as any one of us.

    And if we'd just LET HIM GET AT THAT CAT which sits on our back sidewalk taunting him through the storm door, he'd be in PURE HEAVEN.

  7. Hmmmm...that's what goes on when i cook. teddy is so lucky not to be stepped on! they spray painted the flowers.

  8. We lovers of animals totally understand! Our animals become such a huge part of our lives. They give us unconditional love no matter what, make us laugh with their antics, and give us company when we are lonely. Now sweetie, this farm chick plans for you to be around a long, long time but whatever God will see either one of you through. That we can bet the farm on!!!

    God bless and enjoy this beautiful day!!! Woohoo, after seven dull, rainy days the sun came out this morning.

  9. Good morning my Dear friend...I know how you feel girl..I had 5 Yorkies all at the same time...they were born here and died here had them for 13-15 years and they washed away my tears when Wally died they were my best friends...I loved my girls...Hope you have a GREAT day my friend....Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  10. Mona how sweet is she. I understand believe me. I can't imagine my life without my Chestnut. He's my big orange fur baby.

  11. I know exactly what you mean and feel for your little Pom. They are like children to us. I had a black and white Pom for fourteen years. It was so loved. It would step on my feet to get my attention. I would act like I was ignoring him and he would do it again. If that didn't work then he would bark at me.LOL!
    They are so much company.

  12. I'm sure she will always be well taken care of, by you or your family. It's a bit crowded around my desk. Sunny is sleeping RIGHT behind my chair so I'll have to wake him or roll over him because Oreo just came in and started nudging my arm. I need to take her out but have to grab the cat first, can't leave him here alone with the hamster!

  13. What a beautiful post!
    Love that you sowed us where you do your blogging that has so much love and so much feeling.You are a good person and so very kind to share this with us. We do not have a pet but my son has 2 darling pups that I love. My husband says it would be too much trouble; that's life. So I understand you.

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  15. Love true too. They dont really want much from us, some love, food, attention....and they give back so much more. I still miss my other dog, had her for 16yrs. And I have this one now about 6yrs. She was an abused pound puppy and it shows still at times. But tons of love given to her, shes come around alot. Shes by my side no matter where I am.....sometimes makes me crazy cuz of that! But shes a good dog......and I already know if something happened to me my kids would take her. Since she knows them and loves them.......I know she will be fine.

  16. Oh Mona, you can not have these thoughts. It's to sad to even think about. I sometimes think the same things and find myself in tears. Then I have to snap out of it because I know we are still together and must enjoy the days we have.

    My only happy thought about this whole thing is that I KNOW one day I will be rejoined with all my animals in Heaven one day. YES they do go to Heaven. I know they do! It wouldn't be heaven without our pets there.

    If I should go before you I PROMISE to watch out for all your beloved pets in Heaven until you get there to take over.


  17. Neat post - so glad your pet was there for you when you needed someone special to help you go forward.

  18. There is nothing like the love of an animal. It is the best kind. Your little girl is a sweetie.

  19. Pets just steal our hearts!~ Just today a friend of mine was telling me her dog use to sit at the kitchen table with them for dinner...this was before that cracked me up!!~ Your lil gal is a real sweetie pie!

  20. There is just nothing like the unconditional love of our pets. They know when we are sad, feeling sick or just need a hug.
    They want to be around us and with us all the time. What would we do without them.


  21. Our animals truly do become part of the family. We have a cat and don't know what we would do without him!

  22. Mona, your post touched my heart, so bittersweet. You're not asking too much. I truly undersatnd.
    I lost my silky terrier after many loving years. She was always at my feet or on my lap. She went everywhere with me. I never bonded with a pet as I did with my Izzy. I miss her so much. But I'm thankful for the years we shared and for all the love and comfort she gave. She was there for me through some very tough times.

  23. Love this. Love my dogs - I think I would go stark raving mad without them. I cannot imagine coming home and not having them just so flippin' happy to see me - like "Where have you BEEN? We've been waiting for you!" Worse, both of ours sleep on our bed, girl at our head, boy at our feet. I can't remember the last time I had a good nights sleep . . . LOL.
    It's so hard when they get up in years and we lose them, but . . . time does heal all the pain. In time . . . maybe another new one is around the corner.
    In the meantime - give her TWO bits of toast and let her rule the roost.


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