Thursday, March 25, 2010


I am joining Tootsie's FLAUNT YOUR FLOWERS and Cindy at SHOW AND TELL FRIDAY. Both such really wonderful blogs!

Yep. This is just clover..and it grows wild here and there..actually considered a weed. But..I leave it and it blooms and...that works for me.

I know what this is but I can't spell is. No matter. It's pretty and I planted it last year and it LIVED!

I was ambitious last year..and smart. I planted perennials!

Well..I know the lovely pink is a Geranium. There is a bit of a Mum in there. Don't know how it got there but as long as it shows green it can stay. Flowers are optional in my garden.

Alive is good!

Below is the back yard...

These little white flowers are Argyranthemum-white. I call them...button mums.
See those Petunia's? Those are from last summer. The hardy little things are annuals and these just went right through the winter...and being garden lazy, I just leave them alone.

YES! The blasted fence is falling down..and YES we have propped it up with boards! Just pretend that they aren't there. I do. :)

The hedge hid it so we didn't know... Well....we didn't!

We are having it replaced. Don't know when.. :) Sweet husbands in charge of that. But for right now...this is how it looks.

I think I will paint the ...and paint vines and roses on them :) I'm kidding, I'm kidding!!

The sprinkler is

As you can see, even though the lawn has been fed it is still just beginning to turn green once again.

The new little tree's in our yard are White Birch. Two species actually. One has the multiple trunks and the center on has just the one. As you can see, the middle one is way ahead.

Below is the front yard..

I don't know what this tree borders our property and is our neighbors yards...just thought it was so pretty..

This tree is ours and is out front of our home. It is a Fruitless Pear tree. Why on earth did they plant a "fruitless" ??? (I'm always so proud when I remember the name of ANY plant.)

Below is eventually going to be a long flower bed. Son in law has it on his agenda! :)

I planted these last year and had to cut them back. My daughter visited today and told me they needed trellis' so...I will buy them some. The delicate little rose like flowers are so precious. What is it? I am just not a gardener and I buy what appeals to me and hope for the best. I am going to start saving those name tags! It starts with a V I think. Verbena??

Verbena...I think. Please remember I am "plant challenged." Now Tootsie...I could learn a lot from her!

I love these! They are in both the front and the back yard. They bloom most of the time and began to really be in their glory about a month or so ago. I posted them before....but took more pic's tonight. They are also Argyranthemum-red's

More of the same....these grow and bloom like crazy. Once established they have a nice health root system and you just cut them back to the very bottom and in no time they are back up.

Perennials are fantastic! Just plant them...and let them go. Cut them back when spent and your bed is ready to go the next year. I have only recently realized plants should be fed...makes them prettier...and "amend" in the soils does amazing things.

I cannot remember what these are called...but I have had this plant for years and now it is finally really making me proud. Food? :) Probably.

My love to all of you out there!

If I could I'd play James Browns "I feel GOOD!" and do one of those dances...

I feel GOOD.... Eeeeehaaaa!


  1. Hi Mona! Oh, I'm glad you feel good! LOL Love your pretty yards - front and back! I think you're not giving yourself enough credit - everything looks so pretty and is thriving! Every time I plant something pretty and it starts to grow, Mr. Precious waters it to death! :)
    Thanks for popping in to see our little Carter.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. Oh my goodness,just look at all those blooms, beautiful! Things are just beginning to bloom around here, and slowly at that.

    O.K. I did not look at the falling down fence, besides, the whole area is picturesque in spite of the boards propping up the falling sown fence I did not look at~

  3. You call this a 'lazy woman's garden'? I'd just wonder what your yard would look like if you didn't consider yourself lazy...I mean, really...this is all so breathtaking!!

    Easter Egg Cup Collection is My show n tell Stop by if you can.

    Have a glorious weekend.

  4. Your garden is stunning. I would never had noticed the fence props if you had not mentioned them!
    Keep up the good work, it is beautiful.

  5. So nice to see all those flowers, especially since the only thing we have here right now is snowdrops. But the top one isn´t a clover (but we usually call them that) It´s an Oxalis and yes it is a weed :-) :-) But I like it so it´s allowed in my garden :-)
    Have a great day now!

  6. I so enjoy the flowers of others. Wish I weren't so lazy to plant some myself.... oh, and I don't like worms and little bugs in the soil so sticking my hands in the dirt just does not work for me. I'll just continue to look at your lovely flowers. :-))


  7. :) My point is that with perennials you only plant them ONCE!'s Sweet Husband that planted the rose bushes and the vines.
    I planted the others and said..."There! All done!" And..if you add one every now and then..I repeat, every NOW AND THEN, :) as Snappy Di says "easy peasy!"
    The Lazy Gardner

  8. Beautiful Mona, Beautiful! Lazy? My foot! Everything looks gorgeous and I can't wait for things to bloom here! There coming, my Mom has tulips and daffodils about ready to go. One more week probably,
    Big Hugs, Cindy

  9. pretty flowers and blooms...

    it's actually sunny today (time to celebrate)! now maybe we'll see a bloom or two? yay!

  10. I had to giggle when you said you can't write Alyssum and then you go ahead and write Argyranthemum! hahaha!!!
    Your gardens are absolutely gorgeous girl. I love the Argyranthemum...what a beautiful hedge/border you have with them! Thanks for the link today and the eye candy!!! I do hope to see more of your fantastic garden soon!

  11. This is not my definition of a lazy gardener. Your yard is gorgeous. Your lawn looks so healthy! Plant ivy to grow around your props. They'll hold that fence up. Just kidding.

  12. oh my goodness! Your garden is awake and gorgeous!!Just gorgeous!!!! And all the blooms!! The clover is Oxalis, I love it! When we were little we called it sour grass and used to pull a stem and suck on it. Didn't know it wasn't sour grass till I grew up and wanted to plant some. LOL It is actually a little bulb type root/plant.
    I only noticed the fence cuz I have one similar! Isn't that the way a fence is spose to be? ;) LOL
    I think your blooming pinkish tree might be a Red Bud, I have one but not as big as yours...gorgeous!
    The Verbenas look like Lady Banks Roses. They grow like crazy and are covered is those little yellow flowers. Best of all no thorns!
    I love your teacup in the middle of the Argyranthemum, they are beautiful by the way.
    Golly Your Cyclamen is sooo happy, look at all those blooms! Mine looks like a sad sack next to yours. Keep up the good work..lazy is actually smart and is my kind of gardener!!
    Have a great weekend!

  13. How beautiful! Love all your pictures; flowers make everthing happy. Love all the different kinds that you planted; you are so right about perennials. Where I live we have to be careful;our cold winters are sometimes to harsh for some; great post.

  14. Hello, Thank you for stopping by my blog and your kind comment. I see you have a little slice of Heaven yourself! Your flowers are Beautiful! and I just love the little tea cup amongst the flowers so whimsical! I enjoyed visiting your blog it feels so homey, I will be joining as a Follower. By the way ; I am so glad you are Happy now .......

  15. Ya Mona! Keep on feeling good! I think you have a WONDERFUL's beautiful and I love those pink flowers...I need some of those in my future gardens. Unfortunately my yard is dirt with a capital "D"!! Hopefully DH will get all that dirty work done before the spring rains hit here or were going to have a REAL mess. First we need to get the veggy garden dug up though...if that's all I have this year I'll be happy! Have fun in your garden and have a wonderful weekend! Take care Maura

  16. For being plant challenged you sure do know how to create a gorgeous garden!!! Everything is beautiful! My grandma's name was Mona:)

  17. How stunning your yard is. Mine is startin' to poke little green sprigs through the earth but we can have killing frost till the 15th of May here in the Ponderosa holler. It'll be awhile before my yard is ready to be in pictures!

    God bless you sweet and have a glorious day!!!

  18. Hi Mona,
    What beautiful plants and flowers you have! Stunning property! Thank you for sharing and have a lovely weekend.


  19. aloha,

    i loved the words with the visuals, your spring garden is beautiful and i agree, perennials are amazing and mostly carefree

  20. Your blooms are beautiful! It is to early for flowers in my neck of the woods. Can't wait though.

  21. Oh your garden is so lovely! I could only dream of having such a beautiful garden of flowers -- We're working on the front -- the back....well.....if you REALLY want to see a lazy garden (no! I take that back! You really don't!) Love this!

  22. oh my what a beautiful garden you have, thank you for sharing these lovely photos! we're having a cold spell here in the northeast after a tease of spring weather so your pics just lifted my spirits :)

  23. NO! That isn't Verbena...Verbena is a ground cover!! Yikes! Ah well...

  24. I am so jealous of all your gorgeous flowers! I gotta get planting!

  25. Oh, everything looks so pretty! come on Michigan...get so warm weather!!

  26. What gorgeous "Garden Candy" you will have this summer...beautiful!

  27. Everything looks so beautiful. I 'd say your gardens are great.

  28. Your garden is beautiful and it must be so nice to have weather where you can have flowers most of the year. If you love your garden you are a gardener. They don't have to be perfect they just have to please you.

  29. well for a gal that says shes not a gardener you have great ones they are lovely and all growing very )great tour of your lovelys

  30. Your flowers are gorgeous, Mona. They are making me anxious to go home so I can check on my plants too. Your name really suits you so well cause you leave the sweetest comments. Thank you so much! Sorry for the late visit, we just got back from a Caribbean cruise and we aren't even home yet....Christine

  31. Hi Mona!
    I've met through the blog of Angel.
    The plant in the last photo is a Cyclamen.
    I'm glad you're better.
    Imagine how hard it has been for you, but you have many things to fight and move on. A great family, friends, your garden, yourself ...
    You have a beautiful garden! Congratulations.
    Hugs from Barcelona!

  32. hi sure are far ahead of us. i have snow drops blooming and a few crocuses but that is it. your place looks wonderful. i have one of those boards holding up part of my fence too. take care!


    I'M ENJOYING THIS WONDERFUL SUNSHINY SPRING DAY! It's a beautiful day for enjoying the ourdoors as we watch for Spring shoots of green bursting forth throughout our garden..,'slowly'!

    What a wonderful post my dear! So many excellant ideas, as you showcase and explain about the various plants and perennial flowers that you have grown. So pretty.~ So refreshing and gorgeous! I adore flowers in proffusion!

    .., We'll be waiting quite awhile yet for blooms, though the weather is clear and the grass is greening slowly, yet we will not really experience Spring as you would, until mid to late April!~(And at that, it is very slow)!~ The leaves will not be in full bloom until mid to late May!

    We are going to be part of a garden tour featuring six gardens in early June, as a fundraiser for our local 'Y'; so I really appreciate some of your great ideas.~ Thanks for sharing!

    Do pop by for a visit sometime! You are also warmly invited to partake with my 24th, 'Tuesday Tea For Two' blog party meme; this Tuesday, March 30th at my blog..,

    I hope you continue to feel and be much better!
    (My dear mama has been unwell with the 'shingles' and I have been exceedingly fatiqued so I have just 'piggybacked', so to speak several posts together, yet I hope to blog Monday and of course I wll be blogging on Tuesday)!..,

    Cheers and hugs from Wanda Lee @ The Plumed Pen

  34. Omygosh...I am always totally BLOWN AWAY by the beautiful flowers in Calif. We NEVER have this blessing...too hot, dry , dusty and windy. But, I sure am enjoying seeing your beautiful yard and flowers. So so pretty.
    I am like you...I doon't usually know the names of anything around my place blooming. I even water and feed weeds if they are green and have flowers!! :)))...
    hugs to you, sweet lady.

  35. Hi Mona,
    I just found your blog from Show Off Your Cottage Mondays. What a sweet blog you have. Loved looking at all your pretty flowers. Please stop by and see me, when you have time. I will follow you. Have a great day!

  36. You are so right about perennials.
    I want to add more, but I need names.
    I have written down your recommendations-
    Now to find them!

    I enjoyed visiting,


    White pray Paint

  37. Hi Mona!
    So very nice to meet you! Thanks a bunch for stopping by & leaving a comment. I'm now following you and look forward to getting to know you.
    Thankfully, it looks like our snow season is over. I'm now waiting for my tulips to bloom.
    Have a wonderful week enjoying your pretty flowers.


  38. Hello Mona Dear! I've been away from the computer for a while but had to stop in and see what you are up to. Your yards are looking lovely! We have several white birch in our front yard and I just love them. We had them at our old house too. I didnt' know their are different species. I'm going to count the trunks when I take the kids to school. I'm like you, if it lives, it stays. If it flowers, that's icing on the cake!

  39. Mona, your yard is gorgeous girl. I'm so ready for some happy spots of color around here. With Mr. P doing the way he is now, that's on the back burner. I'm hoping to have ferns on the front porch when weather permits. Today was gorgeous around here and promise of warmer temps the rest of the week... don't you love Spring and new life??? hugs ~lynne~

  40. Oh Mona, I LOVE all of your pretty flowers :) Spring has sprung at your place!


  41. aloha,

    very nice post, i love the agryanthemum, its beautiful and so lush with all the flush of flowers~!

    thanks for sharing today!


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