Sunday, March 14, 2010


...the behinder I get!

I am very busy...accomplishing nothing! Tubs of Easter are everywhere and here it is the day before St. Patrick's Day.

I thought I would show you :) what I carry to garage sales! Is this silly or what?
I save all of my change (I have for ages) and I take the container with me. ONLY when something costs more than a few dollars and then I call sweet husband. (yes, I usually give it back. Usually. He is still making cracks about that ten he gave me for the silver! Brat!)

So anyway...

This is a very small Brambly Hedge tin suitcase that I bought some years ago. Actually, I bought three and all are filled with change in the trunk of the car. :) yep. I'm organized! HA!

See? It went down a bit this Saturday...not a lot though. Not much out there.

However...LOOK! Fitz and Floyd salt and peppers for just one dollar! NOT a chip, not a flea bite, nothing! I was delighted...but then..

I found this little pitcher with the green bunny (GREEN!) and bought him, also for a dollar, but on the way home I noticed there was a good sized chip on the spout of the pitcher. Who cares! I love it anyway. I can see tons of flowers stuffed in it on my table. It has found a home with me!

Five hard back books for a dollar...and I am always on the lookout for lovely hardbacks in perfect condition. This was a luck find. I can't part with my books as I read them over and over..and always wonder how others do.

At the same garage sale was two Beatrix Potter books, also for a dollar. Notice I sat a couple of my collection next to them. The only Benjamin Bunny I have is a stuffed on on the guest room bed. :) So..Jamima Puddle Duck had to do.

See this tub? It's the third one I have emptied... I'm really getting no where fast..

Things just get messier and messier...
...and messier..
and...OH never mind!

By tonight it will all be in order or my name isn't Grandma...I mean Mona!

Love and hugs,


  1. I want to go shopping with you. I never find deals like that...well, almost never anyway.

    I still want that silverware.

    Sharing is a good thing.



  2. I really like those salt and pepper thingies (is it shakers it´s called?) and the two Beatrix Potter books were also very nice.

    Easter is soon isn´t it? I have no track of time any longer :-)
    Have a great day now!

  3. You do find some real treasures, Mona...the salt and pepper shakers are adorable. With flowers in your bunny pitcher, no one will notice a little chip. I am anxious to see where you will be displaying all your Easter goodies. Have a great week, Mona!

  4. You are really lucky and smart to find these treasures. Those herb salt and pepper would go real nice at my place. Great pictures!

  5. Great finds sweetie. I am a wee bit smittin' with that lovely little pitcher. I can't wait to see after you throw it all together. I have a feelin' it's gonna be great!

    God bless and have a Terrific Tuesday!!!

  6. What a fabulous deal you got on the F & F salt and pepper shakers!! Someone didn't know what they were pricing. I love your little change holder by the way!!

    I can't part with books either. That is why I have never been a library person. Someday I may just run out of room!

    Don't fret over your Easter decorations. It always gets done. I could hand my daughter the box and it would be done in 5 minutes! ;-)


  7. Oh, Mona...I can't give up a book or magazines. I just hang on to them forever...especially the hardback books. They are so pretty to me.

    Love your FF Salt/ cute and what a great buy.

    I don't even have many Easter decorations. I just don't decorate for many holidays...well, not until BLOGGING entered my life ! :O)

  8. Hi Mona,
    I like your shopping system girl! I would like to be sitting beside you when you unload that tub!
    Don't worry, we all have beautiful messes just like yours and eventually we get around to getting it organized.


  9. You're too funny, Mona.
    I'm a fellow garage sale-aholic. Love them, can't pass one by! The brakes go screaching on.
    Love your bunny pitcher.

  10. You have a beautiful blog and your photos are wonderful. I enjoyed my visit here. I will be following.

  11. Hi Mona, being behind can be a good thing. Okay, I am positive...what can I say? hehe.

    Thanks for your sweet, sweet visit. I'm so sorry about your Annie dog. We become attached to our dear puppies, don't we....even if they passed away long still hurts.

    Love your post!!!!!!

    Sending you big ole hugs,
    Barb ♥

  12. Now Mona -- I alway say I have to make a mess in order to create something beautiful -- evidently I've got a whole bunch of "creating" to do!

  13. I love seeing your treasures! Love the B. Potter books and My Antonia is one of my all time favorite books! Love the little pitcher, too! I would love to be there helping you unpack Spring pretties! ♥

  14. Great finds Mona. I think your pitcher is very sweet and I agree with you...who cares about the chip. Thank you for stopping by yesterday. I'm always thinking of you and hoping you are feeling much better.

  15. My mother used to say that exact phrase. :o)
    How clever of you to carry change and be prepared to find the very best treasures. Happy collecting.

  16. Mona, you forgot to come to the party..At least stop by for some soda bread! :)

  17. I know the feeling! I'm trying to cut down on some of my holiday decor. It's just getting so hard to pull it all out and then put it away. Plus storage room is limited.

    Your coin lunch boxes are so cute and a great idea for yard sale money!

    I did finally see your comments on the older posts. I have comments on older posts moderated so I know when someone leaves one. I just hadn't been to my dashboard for so long I didn't know I had any to moderate! I hope things calm down here soon, I miss my blog buddies!

  18. I forgot! The salt and pepper shakers are fabulous!

  19. You have inspired me to save my change for garage sales!! You got some really cool finds - especially the bunny pitcher.

  20. I have a Tom Kitten just like yours!
    My house is messy right now too, cuz I have craft projects all over the dining room table!

  21. The cute little chipped bunny pitcher would look great with flowers in it, and LOVE the Beatrix Potter books. The artwork is always lovely in those. Now get busy cleaning off that table.. SHEESH! I've been to sick to worry about holiday decor this week so may just do without.... unless I get a surge of Super Woman powers.

    Hugs at ya,

  22. Oh Goodness Mona,
    You find the best deals and the neatest stuff at garage sales. So many of them around us are junky. I have to really look to find good ones. Hugs, Cindy

  23. You do find some of the best stuff! Must be your area. I cannot wait for better weather and the start of garage and yard sales. I want to get out of the house!! LOL Love the F & F. I just found a bunny plate for a song. Will have to show it next week. Happy St. Paddy's Day from your Irish friend, Sue xo

  24. You do find the good garage sales, don't you.
    I went to a Goodwill and Restore today but didn't find much. Better luck next week........

  25. I laughed when I read this post. I started trying to clean out and reorganize a few things around hear and just stopped. I now have "stuff" everywhere. I used to be so organized - not sure what happened.


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