Sunday, March 21, 2010

~EASTER TABLETOP...finally...~

Some people would call it writers block. Sweet husband calls it "funny" and I ...well I won't tell you what I call it..but I am not going to do anymore on this table.

So, the bunny in the basket is a Fitz and Floyd which I added this year. I had several more chocolate bunnies...but they are no where to be found. IF they turn up...IF...I will put them....oh....somewhere...who knows...

The basket is an old one I have had for years and spray painted white last no work there. I left my little garage sale pitcher with the green bunny on it ...and added another vase.

The brambles around the basket are an old wreath that has fallen apart but I can't seem to throw it away.

And my gosh, that spanish moss that I bought at Michaels made the biggest mess! But, you know us, if it's pretty we'll get around anything. :)

The white milk glass vase was here when I arrived...way high in a cupboard...I finally pulled it out, gave it a bath and used it. It's lovely.

That little fence I found at a Hallmark store about thirty years ago. The store closed and that was one of their props in the window. I have since seen others.

I found this lovely crocheted tablecloth on ebay. The seller was Monatwo. I have been buying from her for a very long time. Now and then she gets something in that is just beautiful..and for some reason no bid against me for this tablecloth.

Michael's had these darling eggs all colored and ready to go. And they came in a couple different sizes. Don't you love it when you find just what you are looking for? :)

The flowers were also from Michaels and some I had..

I have to tell you about the ribbons. I had a pink satin ribbon..and knew that somewhere there was a roll of soft moss green. The search finally turned it up...and unrolled it and then...I cut it in the wrong blasted place, which left a piece of ribbon stuck to the roll. NO more green ribbon.

So I took the part off the roll, remove that piece of tape and stitched the ribbon together. Now both ribbons were the same length. You can't see the patched part...I mean...can you???

Sweetpea's, Daffodils and moss...I LOVE EASTER..

I want to thank all of you that made such nice comments on I have all sorts of idea's for some things I want to paint...good or have created a monster! :)

(Now I am all conceited! )

It's kind of like that show..."SO YOU THINK YOU CAN SING?" or "SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE?" Well, this is called "SO..YOU THINK YOU CAN PAINT?"


Hugs and thank you! :)



  1. Love your Easter centerpiece, Mona. Your ribbon mend made me laugh. I'm pretty good at cutting in the wrong place. Measure once, cut twice.
    You always make me smile.
    Hope you have a great week. Happy Spring!

  2. I love it Mona! The white ceramic bunnies, the little fence, the beautiful vases and arrangements. It just makes me smile, lovely as can be!
    Hugs, Cindy

  3. Beautiful center piece...I ate my chocolate bunnies.

  4. Mona,
    You are such a peach. I love visiting you because you are so real and down to earth,
    nothing phonie about you my dear, you are the real deal. Love that.
    I also think that your Easter centerpiece is very pretty. You put a great deal of thought and creativity in putting it together.


  5. Mornin', your pretty centerpiece. I seldom do a centerpiece, as such...usually just a bunny and a pot of flowers..I am getting so lazy in my olden age!! :)

  6. AWWW, Sweetpea!!

    You are just the bunny's ears!! All that time and careful arranging, and everything turned out just Charming!!

    I still haven't get anything arranged for Easter---I can see two little egg-boxes on top of the fridge, that DD bought for Chris, cause he just LOVES marshmallow eggs. Hope they don't melt. And I bought a pale green ceramic basket yesterday, a tiny, heavy one, just the shade of green I'd paint every room in the house if I could get around to it.

    And don't we ALL have something that's always messy? I think maybe everybody who ever set foot in Michael's has a crinkly old bag of clumpy, dried moss that we take out year after year and make the best of it. And next year we open the crate and say, "Why, I thought I threw that stuff AWAY!!"

    I JUST LOVE your creative energy and all the lovelies you make!!


  7. What a nice easter table!
    Bunnies aren´t that big here. Here it´s chickens, hens and roosters that are the easter symbols. In a way cats too since they always are around witches and witches really are easter here :-)
    Take care!

  8. Very nice display! I think it's pretty!

  9. Hi Mona, your centerpiece is so lovely. Just charming.

    Wanted to mention that your painting is lovely. You have done a wonderful job.

    Hugs, Barb ♥

  10. Your centerpiece is just gorgeous. I love all of it. The bunnies, eggs and all the lovely flowers. Stunning. Hugs, Marty

  11. Mona your house is a happy house filled with love and beautiful things. Don't you just love rabbits and spring?

  12. Your Easter centerpiece is so charming! It makes me feel happy!

    Susan and Bentley

  13. Well it that's not the sweetest thing! I love Easter and Honey ya'll have it nailed to the wall with this beautiful display! Now see what ya have gone and done....I'm cravin' one of those 'Palmer' chocolate bunnies...I just love 'em! Heeeheehe!

    God bless you sweet Mona, and have yourself a great week!!!

  14. Mona your tabletop arrangement is so pretty. It looks so fresh and spring time.

  15. no you think you can paint you for sure can paint great job you did .Now about your table it is lovely love the flowers and bunnys and table cloth .yesterday i went to anantique mall around my house its great and they had a hand made table cloth and funny you poped into my mind thinking oh Mona would like this.i got 2 more bunnys for myself and when hubby caught up with me he said dont we have enough bunnys and i said you never have enough lol.well you table put a big smile on my face today thank you have a great day:)

  16. Yes that will do nicely, I think. I like all of that and the tablecloth. I have a vision of you packing and unpacking many boxes of delights for all times of the year and all occasions. Have fun.
    Blessings, Star

  17. I will just bet you that your chocolate foil bunnies are hiding out with my white wooden birds and faux geraniums. When you find them . . . let me know OK? :)
    I think it all looks lovely!
    Now I have to go back and read about your "roses" . . .
    HAGD! Karen

  18. WAIT! NO! Karen, don't go back and read about those blasted "roses"...please!!

  19. Hi Mona,
    Your Easter table is delightful and so full of personality! I would love it!
    Take care and have a wonderful week!
    Big hugs for you,Elizabeth

  20. Oh Mona you out did yourself on this wonderful Easter table my friend...Love all the soft pink and moss green and how sweet is that bunny in a basket...girl this is just darling...I only did my kitche table for Easter this year as I won't be home...I'm leaving for Vegas next week YIPPEE!! I'm going to a 4 days car show and meeting up with Chari at Happy to Design...should be a blast...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  21. G'eve Mona ~ Your painting is really quite nice, love the bun-bun. Your Easter decor is very warm & welcoming ... all will enjoy the beauty of it.

    Happy spring!
    Have a beautiful week.
    TTFN~ Hugs, Marydon

  22. Hi dear Mona,

    Your table looks so purrrty!! yeah, that moss does make a mess. I have bought things from Monatwo. She is the sweetest! Everything comes wrapped so pretty and smells devine. Her dog pictures are so funny too! Pretty tablecloth.
    Looks like spring as come at your house.


  23. Your roses are beautiful!
    Also I really like your Spring decorations.
    Isn't it fun? We can do anything we set our mind too.

  24. You are putting me to shame Mona! I think I'm all holiday, but all I have is a measley couple of little bunnies and some fuzzy peep chickens in a basket. Your table says WE ARE CELEBRATING EASTER....I better get my Michael's coupon and get my game on!


  25. Hello Mona! LOVE your table decorations...just beautiful. LOL so you've turned into a painting monster...good for go girl!!! I'm looking forward to see what you tackle next. What a great tablecloth...I love finding treasures like that. Feels good doesn't it! I hope you have a WONDERFUL day (Tuesday). Maura :)

  26. It's so pretty on the crocheted tablecloth and with the little white fence! I love it all ...but I'm still trying to find those chocolate bunnies! I will share if I find them...will you? heeheehee! ♥♥♥

  27. It looks lovely...I singed up to follow your blog to keep up with your posts!

    I am having a "Blue Monday" Giveaway...come by and take a peek.

    Have a terrific week!

    Stay Cozy, Carrie

  28. O...Mona, I love it. What a blessed family that gets to sit in there for a meal this Spring!!

    I love all your blog decor!!

  29. I love the centerpiece for your table, love the little white fence and the bunnies are just the best....I adore the little hutch, it is adorable...Phyllis

  30. LOL!! Oh Mona, you do make me laugh. I do not believe for a moment that you are conceited. Your down to earth description of you mistakes during your efforts to pretty up for the holidays are enchanting. And...your table is really beautiful.


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