Thursday, February 25, 2010


The first picture is the before. I am the worst possible photographer...which I can somewhat explain. Actually, I can't. It's just one of those things. At least you can see the old carpet. The walls were already painted the day before.

I must tell you that there are markings on the wall reflected from the mirror. Each time a I take a picture...I get orbs or wall markings. I've been told it is from the flash and the mirrors in the room. The one seems to be able to explain other than dust on the lens. Enlarge. If it is dust it flies..FAST.

This house has several pocket doors and bi fold doors which I love. At first I couldn't get used to the one on the bathroom I used..but now I love it. So cute and unusual.

Enlarge both of these photo's and look at the markings on the mirrors.
We painted the living room door white on both sides. One side of the front door was a sort of orange paint..burnt orange..and the inside was a dark wood. I removed the door knocker and removed years of tarnish and it turned out a lovely brass finish.

Notice the markings on the mirrors and one is reflected on the wall. Enlarge the photo's and compare the two. Do you have any idea what it is? Or those round white things that I sometimes catch in mid flight? These markings are sometimes on the walls...reflections? Bugs me at times. I think it's just interesting reflections.

I love the change. It's cozy...old fashioned but I love the look of lace and the color of the paint. Haystack by Laura Ashley. The coffee table is going to be painted white. What do you think. I love Shabby chic..but..I love the bright colors too. Thanks for your sweet comments. I am very, very insecure with decorating. Not everyone like as much "stuff" as I do!
Long, long day today. But fun.
Hugs and love,
Mona :)


  1. I bet you are so glad to have everything back the way you want ti! Cozy and comfortable! I like your teacups and that sweet doll cradle. Your sofa matches your old country roses china!! :-)

  2. That should be "it" not "ti". I really am a terrible typist.

  3. There's no home like your own home. We all feather our nest in a way that comforts us when we walk into the room. Your house truly reflects the real YOU. It's lovely and warm just like you, Mona.

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  4. Oh Mona I just love the end result my friend...I just checked out your bedroom and bath and its so ramantic looking great choice of colors girl...Love the tile work in their and your SIL did a wonderful job on he for hire ha ha!!
    Now the LR is so you its cozy and warm and the carpet is beautiful girl love it, love it and those dolls how cute I love childrens things did I tell you that ha ha!! I think it brings out the kid in me...and Mona your decorating skills are great...I'm also a second guesser with my stuff and if it looks ok or not...Oh girl I see some pretty tea cups on that shelf and that floor lamp is also very romantic looking where did you find that love it...Give yourself a BIG pat on the back girl you did an awesome job...thanks for sharing this...Love ya sis...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  5. Well I had to go back to look at the rooms again to see how great they all came out. I was so into looking at the orbs and lights on the wall.

    That one looks like a "remember ribbon", you know like the ones you see on cars or ribbons the stars wear for AIDS or Breast cancer.

    Also, the one reflection in the mirror looks like an Asian person with one of those hats they wear in the rice fields.

    Very strange. The one orb in the living room is so bright. Must be a lighting bug if it's a bug. We both know it's not a bug.

    I think you have done a super job on your house. Though you know I thought it was like a show room even before you did a thing to it.

    You have a great eye for decorating!


  6. Beautiful Sweet M! LOVELY!

    Now...I think you need to share that silverware with ME! I'm needy these days. Very, very needy.


    Did it work? The begging?


  7. Now, I am thinking it is JUSTINE that can tell you about your orbs...I, myself, think it is flash. I've been told not to use the flash on my camera for indoor shots..just add lots of light in the room. Sometimes mine turns out ok ...other times, i have to doctor them up in Photoscape. :O)

    I love your pretty new rooms, Mona. I know you must be so proud of them. I think you do a fantastic decorating job. We are all only trying to please ourselves, right? I like a lot of stuff, too. Ever so often, I have to go thru and "thin" things out a little but, pretty soon, it is all back in there anyway.
    So glad you love your new makes all the mess of painting and moving stuff worthwhile
    hugs, bj

  8. I took lots of pics of my old house when we were renovating it that had 'orbs' in them. I did quite a bit of research, and while many people will tell you that they are something supernatural, the fact is, they are usually dust caught by the camera. When the floors were being sanded, I took a photo and there were a million orbs in it. Proof, I think.

  9. Now that the work is finished..just sit back and enjoy it.It's very "you" Beautiful color combo. You did a wonderful job.

  10. I'm diggin' the items in that curio...I want to see it all up close and personal. Very nice..thanks for sharing

  11. You should never be insecure about decorating! Your home should always reflect who you are and what you love. It's meant to be a haven for you and your family. Yours is cozy and charming and reflects your sweet nature.

    Susan and Bentley

    PS: Most of my photos are lousy. If I take a good one, it's a fluke! I'm working on getting better though.

  12. I love the warmth the new wall color gives your beautiful livin' room and I think painting the coffee table white would just make it perfect! It's all so warm and inviting just like you!

    God bless and have a relaxing weekend enjoying the fruits of your labor.

  13. Didn't yet read any other ideas here, on your 'funny lights.' But I think they are reflections of sunlight. Ya' know how if someone is sitting in the sun, in a room, the surface of their watch can whip small, bright reflections of light, around the room? This happens [at times] when my husband is sitting in the den, behind where I have my computer. And his watch will whip small bright reflections of sunlight coming in the windows, onto the wall in front of me. It drives me nutty. ,-) I make him turn his watch, so it will not reflect. ,-)

    Test... Same time of day... Repeat taking the same pictures. See if the same light reflection-things happen. Or just notice if you see them, on the walls, at that time of day.

    The oval mirror with Mr. and Mrs. Rabbit in front of it ~~ See how the reflected light forms a pattern, reminiscent of the oval shape of the mirror?

    As to the whooooooooo-whoooooooo-ness... Did you build your home? If not, do you know any of the history of it? But I doubt your house is old enough to have gathered ghosts. ,-) Those happenings seem to be in really old and historic places.

    No objects have moved about, have they? :-) Just orbs and reflections? :-)


  14. Don't you dare be insecure about your decorating! We all do our own decorating, for ourselves. To feel good in our own home.

    But when we re-did our front room, I too worried about how it 'came up to' what other ladies do with their decorating. I'm very *Scotch* and I wouldn't go out and get lots of new stuff, like so many bloggers seem to do. We 'made do' with what we could change about what we had. And I was insecure [in Blog Land] so I didn't show much. So I do understand, even while telling you to not be insecure about your decorating! How is that for talking out of both sides of my mouth!?! ,-)

    And oh those rose covered couches! Love them! And yes, I so agree with you painting the coffee table white. Ohhhhhhhhhh... Yummmy!

    Wish I could do painting-white-of-furniture. But my husband loves wood and is a woodworker [life long hobby] and he just can't stand painting wood. He goes along with every other decorating thing I want, so I just accept not being able to paint furniture white. :-)

    But I love to see others, who do and can do it!


  15. Painting the coffee table would make me want to paint the couch wood too!

    Your style is so refreshing.

    It does not matter what someone thinks, if you happy, then its perfect.

  16. I happen to think your decorating is very sweet, which is just what I like. I have been told my home is grandmotherly though! Some have meant it as a compliment, some not! I wonder how to make it all work sometimes too. I like so many different colors and styles.

  17. Hi Mona, your living room is cozy and welcoming! I know you are soooo happy to have it back together. I love home projects but totally dislike the mess!

    Hope your weekend is blessed.

    Hugs, Barb ♥

  18. Believe me Mona, I love as much stuff as you do, lol. I love your rooms, very charming. Nice color choice. The marking on the wall that was reflected from the mirror I think might be the top of the bird cage (which is very pretty, BTW!)that was reflected in the mirror next to it and then was reflected back into the other mirror and into the wall, that's why it looks weird. Some people say the orbs are spirits (ghosts). I used to believe it but not anymore cause I get so many also. I think it is from the flash....Christine

  19. You're way too hard on yourself. I think that you truly have a gift for decorating. As far as the markings clue.



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