Friday, February 12, 2010


Sweet husband mowing the lawn this morning..and one of our two Coastal Redwoods. He makes every day Valentines Day for me. My love.

He helps make life worth living. He makes me smile. He IS my Valentine.

My precious little friend, Mele. You can tell I offered her "candy" to sit still...she did. She was a Christmas gift. Her beautiful coat has been soaked with my tears many days.
Another love and joy in my life. Always next to me, under my chair, at the foot of our bed, and of course on my lap.

Today I unearthed these..two of my Valentine dishes... I'm afraid I wasn't able to join in the decorating this year. Next year!! :)

Hey...this looks great. You should have seen it at the beginning of the week!

...and I found these.

I am putting my things into my much loved hutch that I've had for almost 40 years. It was in storage for close to two years and in our garage for nearly another two years all wrapped in packing blankets.
Another day of unpacking and putting things back tomorrow. What a chore! It's wearing us out, I'm afraid.

Finally, when I'd had enough I walked outside and sat on the porch! Just a beautiful day. Perfect temp. and I thought of all my friends in the snow. Some enjoying it and some not so much. No snow to show you..but some flowers perhaps??

On our front porch.

These are the only flowers I can give you. They are just beginning to bloom.

I watched Howard mow the lawn..and looked forward to Springtime. No snow for us...but lots of rain...and we REALLY needed it. But..gee...just a little snow would have been nice. I can see it on the mountains though...NOT good enough!!

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY to all you beautiful people! You bring so much love and comfort into my life. You are a constant source of joy! Yep, LOVE, that's what it's all about.

Love, MUCH love..


  1. Great that You´ve gotten rain!

    Have a great Valentines day now!

  2. What a beautiful sight; so anxious to see grass again.Have a great Valentines Day!

  3. Oh my, you have made my day and giving me hope that there is warm weather out there somewhere. How beautiful your yard and DH cutting it looks. Can't wait for that day.
    Thanks for sharing and Happy V-Day to you and yours.

  4. What a wonderful tribute to the love of your life.

    Beautiful lawn and flowers and GREEN! We are still covered with snow.

    Thanks for the perfect Valentine...a reminder of the spring to come and beautiful flowers.

    May your day be filled with love and happiness.

  5. Happy Valentine day to you and Howard my friend...May it be a GRAND one...Love ya sis...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  6. I can't wait until my Howard is out mowing...I will then know summer has arrived...
    Have a Happy Valentine Day, Mona!

  7. Mowing the lawn on the day before Valentine's Day! I had to ask my husband if he could *Imagine* that? No he could not. :-)))))))) Enjoy!!!!!!!!!

  8. Thanks for sharin' all that lush green lawn with us. All we have here around the Ponderosa is snow, mud and brown plants. You give me hope that Spring is coming!

    You have the best day and a very sweet Valentine's Day dear Mona!!!

  9. oh my gosh .. you have flowers blooming!! I can not wait till SPRING!! HApPy VaLeNtInes DaY!

  10. Flowers! you lucky girl. Have a great day tomorrow.
    Blessings, Star

  11. Your flowers are pretty, a sure sign that spring is on its way!
    Happy Valentines day to you and your sweetie!
    Also, I couldn't help smile when I read about Mele. My little friend's name is Buster. Oh how we love our dogs and how much joy and company they bring into our lifes!
    Have a great Valentine's Day.
    Hugs, Ann

  12. Mowing grass! We cannot find ours for the snow.LOL! Your heart shaped plates are so pretty together.
    Your Pom is such a cutie. I had a black and tan one for 14 years and it was another kid to me. I still miss him every now and then after three years.
    Love your blooms and I would love to be out in the sunshine and green grass.
    Have a wonderful weekend with your sweetie.

  13. I wouldn't mind having that sight in my backyard right now. Even here in the coastal south, we haven't been spared from the snow.

    I love your little doggie, how sweet. Great to cuddle up with too.


  14. Mona,

    It's so good to see SPRING somewhere!! I'm feeling the stirrings already, just ready to burst with the joy of good weather and sunny days.

    I even put the lilac-print tablecloth on the breakfast table yesterday---it looks so ELEGANT with the ORANGE burlap chairs!!

    Love to you and all you love,


  15. Hello Mona,

    Happy Valentines day to you and Howard. I love your little precious Mele! My son has a black and tan pomeranian. I wish I could bottle that little dogs energy. He worships the ground my son walks on.

    Love your Valentine dishes. Have a great weekend!


  16. OMG, Mona!
    He's cutting grass!!! I don't even know what grass is like anymore. I have a bad, bad, case of spring fever! You have some lovely flowers too. Hugs and Happy Valentines, and oh your puppy is so pretty. Cindy

  17. Hello sweet lady...

    Hehe...I was just reading Cindy's comment...that is exactly what I was going to say! It's soooo nice that you still have grass...not to mention that it's even still green and needing mowed! Loved seeing your beautiful flowers too! My dear lady, love is grand...isn't it? So happy to see that your hubby is the light of your life! God has blessed us both!

    Thank you so much for coming by and taking a peek at my Beloved Valentine tablescape...and for leaving me the sweetest note ever! I'm still smiling!!! Thank you, Mona!

    Have a wonderful weekend and a fabulous Valentine's Day, dear lady!

    Chari @Happy To Design

  18. Happy Valentine's day to you, too sweet friend! This was a beautiful post with great photos! You make me smile! Tell hubby to take your photo for your next post! He's a cutie! ♥

  19. Good gracious grass that actually needs mowing in February. And flowers on top of that! All too beautiful! Makes me yearn for Springtime. And Mele is the sweetest baby. Happy Valentine's Day to you all!

  20. Oh what pretty Valentine's plates! And flowers blooming -- heavenly! Now I know you'll have a wonderful Valentine's day -- you're so full of love, I think Cupid has nothing on you!

  21. happy valentines day mona!!! i am savoring every inch of snow and hanging on to winter. i am NOT a summer person. where do you go in maine? i love maine and would love to live there someday. enjoy your day and i will enjoy the snow.

  22. OMGoodness...grass!! and flowers!! AMAZING..
    It still just takes my breath away to see the difference in weather from one state to another. It's just amazing.
    Have a wonderful and sweet day.
    Love, bj

  23. G'morn, Mona ~ We may not see any 'green' until next year at the rate we are going ... so I'll enjoy yours for now.

    Happy Valentine's
    Have a lovely day ~
    Hugs, Marydon

  24. Mona, no way was your hubby mowing the yard this time of year.. unbelievable..we're looking to be hit with yet another snow storm.. Mele is adorable... isn't it great to have our pets to comfort us? Happy Valentine's Day! hugs ~lynne~

  25. HI Dear Mona! Oh, how precious about your precious man! Your love for him comes through Blogland!
    Now that little Mele is adorable! Precious little pets do bring such joy!
    Don't overdo yourself with moving things around.
    Happy Valentine's Day!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  26. Hi Mona,

    Happy belated Valentines day sweetie! Everyday with my hubby is Valentines Day too! Aren't wwe lucky? You little dog is adorable!



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