Friday, February 5, 2010


I have read so many wonderful posts lately that I'm overwhelmed.
One of those dear hearts is Jaz@ October Farm. One of the nicest people I have met here in blogland. She had this delightful giveaway of lovely pressed glass. A pair of DOUBLE candle sticks and two pretty serving dishes for candies or whatever you wish. She also included a delicious box of candy to go in the dish. Taffy! I LOVE taffy and I was fortunate enough to win!
It arrived today and I had to clear a place to be able to take a picture of it.
I'm sorry they were a too dark.
Thank you Joyce! Thank you so much. They are just in time for Valentines Day and will help make my table beautiful!

See the double candlesticks. They are just beautiful!
If you haven't met Joyce, please stop by her blog for one of her delicious recipes. Today she featured WALNUT BREAD! Also, she has great hints such as making your popcorn with bacon drippings! :)

Just the day before I found out I won this wonderful giveaway, sweet husband was helping me remove dishes from the hutch and broke one of my candle sticks. I just smiled because I knew even prettier ones were on the way. I think my reaction sort of surprised him. I love it when that happens!

Those of you in all that snow I've been hearing about, please stay safe. Joyce, enjoy your snow for me, ok.
Di, you too! I really do miss it even if it can be a pain. It is one of the most beautiful parts of Winter.



  1. Hi Mona,
    Congrats on the lovely win! What a nice give-away she had. I can't wait to see all the finished rooms. I bet it will be so lovely! We have tons of snow here. I always wonder how will it ever melt. But it does and then spring comes and I love Wisconsin again! Have a great week-end~ Hugs, Cindy

  2. Congrats on your beautiful win!
    I love the snow too. I guess that's because I never see it enough to get sick of it.


  3. Lovely! Congratulations on this win.looks perfect on your table.

  4. Taffy.... used to really enjoy it but at my age now I'm afraid it would pull my teeth out of my head... or maybe my brain! But I can taste it in your photo!

    And what I would not give for the candlesticks! I have a pair but they look quite small and whimpy compared to yours!

    I'll go check out her blog cuz I love me the smell of walnuts in the morning! LOL

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  5. Congratulations. :) What a sweet little gift to get right before Valentines.

    Hope you are feeling well these days.

  6. Awww, what beautiful wins, the candle sticks are very very nice. And I love your new candy dish.
    Hope you have a great day

  7. Congratulations, they are just wonderful. So pretty. Hugs, Marty

  8. Great that You won the give away!
    She is truly kind and generous Joyce!
    If one doesn´t know what to do for dinner it´s just to check through her blog and then one finds all kinds of different delicious meals to choose from :-)
    Have a great day now!

  9. Congrats on winning the those beautiful candlesticks and candy dish. Don't let the hubby near them...
    Have a great weekend, Mona!

  10. Oh how beautiful -- just the right touch for all your "spiffing up". I'm so glad you won such a beautiful gift.

  11. Good Morning Mona, congrats on your win girl..and you done hit the Motherlode again..Hows the carpet did you get it in girl...Hope you have a GREAT weekend my friend...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  12. Congratulations on winning such a terrific giveaway. You deserve it Mona!! We all feel the same about you!

  13. So glad you won such beautful treasures. Perfect for a romantic candle light dinner with your hubby.

  14. Congratulations on your win!

    Happily, I don't have any new snow, to enjoy *for you.* :-0 But I'll *enjoy* the cold, for you. How's that? -gigggles-


  15. Congratulations! They are beautiful. Taffy always makes me think of Santa Cruz!

  16. Your pictures and home always look so welcoming! This scene is set perfectly for Valentine's day, all red and warm looking and glowing.
    Blessings, Star

  17. hi mona...i am glad they arrived safely! i am up to my eyeballs in snow! tomorrow morning is the drawing for the present giveaway and i will be listing a new one as well! stop by an are o a roll!

  18. Congratulations on this marvelous win. A sweeter lady could have not won and the prize is to die for. It's just beautiful and taffy to boot.

    Ya'll have a greatly blessed weekend dear Mona!!!

  19. I love the little candy dish you won. Just a little added "pretty" does so much for a room.

  20. What beautiful things! I'm so glad you won... you are so sweet yourself and appreciate pretty things! ♥

  21. G'eve Mona ~ What lovely treasures you have been gifted. Your presentation for Valentine's is perfect ... Congrats!

    TTFN ~Marydon

  22. I love your new double candlestick-holders! Lucky you to win such a great give-a-way!

  23. Hi Mona!! Oh, congratulations on your win! How love those candlesticks are!!
    I laughed out loud at your comment about filling those 3 bras with candies!! LOL
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  24. Hi Mona....gee it has been a long time since I have left you a comment, am getting slack Im afraid. What an amazing win I love cut glass & the way you have displayed it...... am going to pop on over & visit Joyce...

    Have a great day Hun

    Lyn xxx

  25. HI Mona ~
    I haven't visited in about a week and I see that you have been paint crazy ! I bet you can hardly wait till its all done - I know it is alot of work ! I love that red and that green - so pretty. I also think your kids are very good looking...beautiful eyes and green is such a pretty color. I have blue eyes and my hubby brown - of course nobody has my blue eyes...
    Congrats on the crystal win - I won a giveaway at Christmas and it sure was fun !
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  26. All of these are just so lovely, Mona. Congrats on winning!..Christine

  27. Congratulations on your win Mona, they really are pretty. When you click on the picture you get a close up view and it shows them very well.


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