Wednesday, December 9, 2009

~T'IS THE SEASON ..MY TREE ..and plates galore..~

Yep...finally! The living room tree is up and the coffee table at least has a sort of center piece. I used the lower brances I had cut from the tree, trimmed them and added silk poinsettia's. It will do. I never did get that coffee table painted...ah year! :)
I am adding very SHEER PINK BOWS to the tree...just ran out of steam for the moment...

Please click to enlarge...

Yes, I did a plate tree. I had so many extra plates stacked in my cabinet...figured I might as well use them. :) My sweet husband is ..sort of..looking at me funny!

Please notice that I used as snow under my plate tree, a little hand made quilt by A STITCH IN THYME. I thought it added a softness with it's tiny rosebuds...

TIP: I used the LARGE paper clips to hang the plates. I've had some questions on this so am adding this. I opened the clips and used the large end to attach the plate to the tree and the small end to the plate holder. This way you can attach deep in the tree to the large branch..NO sagging and no danger of a broken plate! :)

I had the worst time getting a picture that was not blurry! I finally HAD to use the flash..
I hope you like my tree! (I hope, I hope!)

A few more photo's. Now...on to the live tree... :) Tis the season... :)

I love you guys!


  1. Soooo pretty. I love the pretty of the this season. So many different styles, colors, trees... so much to take in! I love your decorations!! Hugs to you Mona. Tammy

  2. Oh Mona my Dear friend first thing you have my all time favorite china pattern...Oh I sold a ton of that when I worked we cpuld keep it in the shop...Love your dish tree how victorian and so pretty girl...and Men don't get it my friend...I hope your feeling better now...looks beautiful all done up for Christmas...Many hugs and smiles to you my friend...Gl♥ria

  3. Dear, sweet Mona,
    I absolutely adore your plate tree. It is pretty and maybe a little girly which is why your hubby was looking at you a little funny.
    My husband never knows what I am going to come up with and he kinda rolls along with it all.
    Every now and then I get an eye roll or two!

  4. It's wonderful Mona! I don't know why men don't get it. It makes perfect sense to me and is really pretty too. I love using quilts or just yards of fabric for a skirt. It changes from year to year.

  5. Mona, Darlin'---I could just DWELL on that scrumptious sofa all the holiday season, enjoying all your beautiful creations and arrangements.

    Just charming, all of it, and exactly to my taste.

    Best of holiday seasons to you all!!


  6. Hi Mona,
    I love your plate tree. I always enlarge your pictures...I want to see everything in your house. So lovely.I will will put a link to your blog tomorrow...telling everyone about your plate tree.

  7. What a wonderfully creative idea! The tree is just beautiful...Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  8. Hi Mona,
    That is so pretty!!! How did you get those plates to stay on so nicely? Such a sweet girly tree, with pink to boot! You are a creative soul! Hugs, cindy

  9. Mona, that is the most beautiful tree I have ever seen! I LOVE it!!

  10. Hi Mona....I love your plate tree. I've never seen one before. are giving me ideas for my kitchen or dining room on a much smaller scale. I too use the bottom branches of my Christmas tree and I arrange them in vases all around the house. Once...I get those in place I feel like I've completed my Christmas trimming. Glad you're doing well!

  11. I have never seen this before! Fabulous!!!!!

  12. Love it... BUT what is the secret in getting the plates to stay on the tree? That would have me stumped.

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  13. Mona~~~~

    I love your centerpiece and your tree is stunning!! How did you attach the plates and cups to the tree??? it is so original and pretty!!

    Hope you are feeling well and are staying warm & dry, my friend!


  14. A beautiful tree decorated by a beautiful lady. I love that it is so unique and special. A reflection of yourself. Can I assume your feelin' quite chipper?

    Have a wonderful evening admiring your handiwork. What a treat to have you in our blogworld! God bless you sweet Mona.

  15. Hi Mona, what a beautiful tree. I've always wanted to try this and just wasn't brave enough. Maybe next year I'll step outside the box and try it, thanks for the inspriration darling.. hugs ~lynne~

  16. go all out, don't you? I love your originality! Do your plates have holes to hang them? I'm corn-fused! :)



  17. O, my....this is an amazing tree, Mona..just beautiful. It looks so soft and girly..
    I don't have enuf plates to do anything like this unless....hey...maybe a white tree and hang by blue and white transferware...oh, boy, I just might try that next year.
    hugs, bj

  18. girl...this tree is absolutely stunning!!! I have never seen one with plates before...and I am LOVING it!
    your centerpiece is gorgeous too!

  19. Dear Mona! I love your plate tree! How clever of you to keep the plate hangers on them and attach with a paper clip! You're the smartest one too! I think your centerpiece is very lovely!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  20. This is the best tree I have seen all day. Creative, colorful and fun. Made me smile!

  21. Gorgeous plate tree! I would never attempt it, but my china doesn't have much variation, so it would look kind of boring compared to yours. My kids are still complaining about our "new" (2 years now!) tree because it has white lights. I've told them they could set the "old" tree up elsewhere in the house and decorate it themselves, but no, they just complain. So I ignore and move on with my more "adult" tree. They have to let go sometime!

  22. I´ve never seen anything like Your tree and I love it :-) It must be unique! If anyone told me about doing so before I would probably wondered if they were a bit mad, but I have to say that I really like it!
    Have a great day now!

  23. Mona, Your dish tree is sooo pretty, cool, unique, and Victorian looking!! One of my favorite combinatons! I love your creativity!
    Oh.. and your beautiful delicate looking tea set too!

    Take care,

  24. What a novel idea Mona, to use some of your favorite things on the tree! Just beautiful dear woman, just beautiful!

  25. Hi Mona...I just mentioned this post on my blog this morning. I want to share my "Christmas Pleasures" with others.

    HUGS Balisha

  26. Hi, I just came over from Balisha's place to look at your plate tree. I love it! What an original idea. Your music is beautiful, too.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  27. This is beautiful! I think it is the prettiest Christmas tree I've ever seen! EVER!

  28. You are so clever. I really like it!
    Hugs, Sue

  29. The tree is beautiful. It looks like something in a showroom. Gorgeous!

  30. A plate tree!!! This is a first for me! I love it! Good idea for hanging them too!


  31. OH!! I love your china tree!!! So pretty! What a great idea for the dining room! I have seen teacup trees in magazines before, but this is the first plate tree and I love it!


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