Saturday, June 20, 2009


P.S. I have added a couple of things...a signature to the painting and an ironstone pitcher I forgot to post...

That is the title of the painting on my tray.
This is a hand painted tray and is signed by the artist on the back. The woman who sold it said the artist is her friend and that everytime she has a "show" she buys something..and she has to cut back on some of her collection..
I said, "GREAT idea! and smiled! $10.00. I grinned all the way to the car...but first..

When I posted last night I forgot to take a photo of the back so you can see the artists just added it. Probably not a big deal..but I mean the artist should get recognition even if it is just on my blog! :)

I bought the easel it was displayed on for another $2.00. I LOVE that easel! VERY heavy iron. I thought the finish on it was gorgeous!

I didn't exactly steal these two plate. But...I love red transferware. A lot! So...they followed me home also. I kept saying "I DON'T NEED YOU!" But nope, they wouldn't listen. One was 8.00 and the other was 5.00. They started off much know...

Enlarge this and you can see to the left of the screen a darling little white glass frame. FREE! You can see the two DVD's I found for $1.00. A little blue tin of writing paper. Brand new.. and FREE! Many just wanted to get rid of the stuff and not have to put it all away. Both the frame, the writing paper came from the same garage sale as the cookbooks. I also bought a novel in perfect condition "The Vinyard" for $1.00!

This was a nice little cookbook put out by a church. Family recipes...I said...what the heck for 1.00 it came home with me.

A little book on how to give tea parties...Uh huh...I do THAT a lot..but...I do have daughters that do it came to continue the journey to a daughter or granddaughter!
$1.00. It ties shut with little cute is that?! ALL of the cookbooks were like BRAND NEW. That is what I look for! Gently used if old is fine.

The woman who owned the cookbooks said this one was her favorites and that she had a duplicate that was why she was selling this one.... San Francisco has some wonderful for $1.00 I took that chance...

This recipe box was nice a large and in perfect condition. Mine is so chock full of recipes that I cannot get the lid closed and this was only .25 in the car it went. I have Granddaughters just starting out. They are going to love their Grandma! CANNOT go wrong on a Chocolate Cookbook...I don't bake all that much, but I love to read them. :) Do you believe me?
Hmmmm.. a Costco Cookbook? Love their the heck! .50 cents!! WELL spent I say!!

Sweetie loved the fact that he bought all of these CD's for a total of $20. He loves music and CD's are what he looks for. Some were just .50 cents. He always checks to see if the CD is in the case and that it is the correct one.
He sometimes buys them even if they aren't the kind of music he likes...I asked him why? He said he likes to give all music a chance. Whatta guy!

Well, that's it. My Saturday finds. Well worth getting up early I would say. Followed by our pancake breakfast of course!
Have a wonderful Fathers Day, everyone!

Love and smiles,

P.S. I am adding this post script because this morning when we were getting ready church, sweet husband went to the car and discovered in the back seat, wrapped in a towel, this beautiful ironstone (?) pitcher I bought Saturday for 2.00 and forgot to bring into the house.

Below you can see the bottom of the pitcher and a couple of hairline cracks that don't go all the way they didn't bother me at all. This has SO many uses!! Plus, I think it's just a beautiful pitcher!! It's by Homer Laughlin...and I think that's good. Right?? It is close to 9 1/2" tall. A nice size. Very heavy.

Bye bye...and hugs!


  1. Hi Mona.... I find that easels can always find a home in our house... photos, plates, large bowls. They all seem to love sitting and showing off from atop an easel. Great buy on that!

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  2. Wow Mona! You found a lot of great stuff! You know I love the plates...and the it, too! Nice selection of books, movies and cds, too! And that tray...what a beauty! Have a wonderful weekend...hugs...Debbie

  3. Mona, I am still drooling over that tray and the stand, I just love it and it was well worth that and 10 times can tell a lot of work went into the painting, so many people don't realize how much work it takes to paint something like beautiful. I love the recipe box also, I'm not much of a recipe book collector but it looks like you got some great buys.
    Thanks for sharing your fines.
    I hope to share my fines tomorrow.

  4. We will be looking for you to share some of those recipes! Good work securing those treasures. That tray is just fantastic.


  5. You find the best stuff! I need to come visit you and go shopping where you shop!

  6. Wow, you've gotten some wonderful things here!! Our Garage sales around here are usually Thur, Fri. and Saturdays. This next week I'm going for sure!! Just love that tray!! Dishes, great! And of course I love books since I have a room I made into a library/computer room.

  7. Oh Mona, I passed up a red transferware plate and bowl last weekend and they were only 8.00 together...why did I do that? They were at the Salvation Army store...and they are not open on Sundays :( I'm going back on Monday. What was I thinking? You did good my friend! Oh, I did go to Ross Friday evening...found the cutest polka dotted goodies. I need to take some pictures so I can post them :)


  8. O, Mona..I'd get up early every day of the week to find treasures like that!! Some really nice things here. I especially love the little tray...and I haven't heard the word "meandering" in a long time...a beautiful word that I had nearly forgotten!!
    Thanks for sharing all your great finds with us...
    Have a good Sunday,
    love, bj

  9. Hello Mona!

    How lovely to meet you. Thank you so much for coming to visit. Isn't bloglandia just too wonderful?

    WOW! You ARE the garage sale queen! What wonderful finds. If there is a recipe in your San Francisco cookbook for carrot soup from a restaurant called Chez Suzanne do try it!....and let me know! I had it for DESSERT it was so yummy.


  10. Mona,
    I just love that tray.
    So nicely done!!

    I have your nest ready, just need your address so I can post it.

    email me please.

    Barbara Jean

  11. Holy Cow Mona! I am so green with envy over here. I'm yard saling with you from now on! I must have one of those trays! Love it!!!

  12. Great bargons You got there!
    I love geese! My neighbour had two once. They never hesitated to attack me or my car when they got a chanse, but if I had my dogs with me they left me alone :-)

  13. My -- you found some grat stuff! I love cookbooks too - those church ones are the best! What a beautiful hand painted tray too - goodness - well everything is wonderful!

  14. Hi Mona!
    I have been catching up on your blog for the past few posts. You crack me up. I can just SEE you do the "Snoopy happy dance"!!
    Golly, don't'cha just love a good garage or estate sale? Or even a good day at the Goodwill store.
    I have been trying to stay away - my workroom is becoming OVERBEARING!! But yesterday saw a yard sale, had a few minutes to kill, and found 2 darling pair of earrings that I can use in my crafts. GRIN! Hey, for $ .50 for both, you can't go wrong!
    You made out like a bandit on some of that stuff.
    And the pancake breakfast . . . yum.
    Have a great day. Karen

  15. Nice stuff you were able to get. I too have the SF cookbook. Its the sequel so I have both and I agree its a great cookbook. I never find such great things tho for such cheap prices. Perhaps its because its Ca. and everything is more expensive here.

  16. Somehow came across your blog as Ive been blog hopping :) Thought Id say Hi :)

  17. I love the whole bit! what a great post...and the easel...I love them too....they come in very handy!!!

  18. Hi Mona, can I come with you next weekend? You always find the best stuff. The tray is beautiful. When we're done, maybe you could cook up a lunch from one of those great cookbooks. Is there a lunch section in the chocolate one?

  19. Evening, Dear Mona! Oh, what treasures you've found! I'm loving that precious tray along with you! Are you going to use that great easel to display it? Lovely plates! I have a thing for those too!
    Cookbooks! Oh, joy!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  20. Hi Mona, Great Finds you discovered. The cook books seem so perfect. Something I never think to look for but now wish I had and I will now certainly watch out for! I love the pitcher and the cute recipe box. Very nice. I have to thank you for taking the time to read all of my posts. So thoughtful and commenting on them also. How nice. I was wondering can I still play the tag game? Or am I to late? I hope you get to read this comment. I hope you have fun enjoying and finding a place for all of your treasures!!

  21. You did great! I love all of your finds, and I wouldn't have been able to resist any of them.


  22. Wow, Mona, great finds! I love the is so pretty!

    Hugs, Barb

  23. Oh Mona... I love the picture and the pitcher the absolute best. Proud as punch I bet you were.

  24. Hi,
    New to your blog. Love your finds.The Vineyard is a really good summer read! I'll be visiting again so I can read previous posts!

  25. Yay! You found great things! Everything is really cute I especially like the pitcher. It is so cute to see them used as a vase with bright flowers standing out against the white ironstone :) Lucky you! Sweet deal on everything. I found a couple of sweet books at a garage sale too and I was sooo excited. Super cute Mona!

    All the best,

  26. I love going to garage sales on the weekends. Nothing is more fun than to put the top down on my bug, get a good hot coffee, through in a cd, and off I go! I too get totally weak for red transferware. I started a whole collection and have buying missing quantities off ebay to get a complete set!

  27. Great finds. And I love, love, love the white pitcher. I collect them. I don't care if they have cracks, chips or crazing. I am just crazy for them. I see that you live in Riverside. I live in Menifee & work in Moreno Valley.


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