Wednesday, June 24, 2009


When I heard that Gloria at HAPPY TO BE was having a giveaway...I rushed over to see what the goodies were...because you see...I KNEW it was going to be something GOOD and was it ever! A beautiful soup tureen..WITH the ladle. I QUICKLY tossed my hat into the ring..AND I WON! It's something I have wanted for so long!!

This note was in the box...and suddenly I was overwhelmed at how fond we get of our fellow bloggers!
Gloria has always been there with a word of comfort. In my early days of blogging a time came when I almost gave it up..but she was there with words of encouragment and I weathered the storm and have hung in there. Things happen like that...and Gloria was there for me!
She has been such a warm, wonderful and kind friend! Thank you, Gloria...for everything. I LOVE my tureen!

And there it all it's glory...MY soup tureen! WITH ladle! :)

Not only that...she included some rose covered goodies for my desk!! They look beautiful!

And look at those beautiful folders in the file holders next to my desk! JUST perfect! :)

See how cute my new shopping list looks on my frig? (I am always saying I am going to take every single thing off..except my shopping list...and (sigh) I never do! I rearrange them. :)

Then...this dear woman wrote and asked IF I would be interested in some of that beautiful reindeer moss? Was she KIDDING! I even had to utter gall to ask for a BIG BAG of it!! I cannot wait to play with it. I am busy collecting a few cloches...I have two..but I have made no effort do do much with them..but...the next cloche party...I'm putting on my party duds!!! Yep...I'll be there with bells on!

Everything was so beautiful, Gloria! Those precious little extra's were so thoughtful! I appreciate that so much! And those adorable adorned pens! So cute!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Wanna see a messy office? LOL.. no? Ok..well then..that's it! My new rosy office goodies have inspired me to get it in shape!! :)

I have two days of new things..not to mention my garage sales...and I am wondering if I need to worry...about you know...dare I say shopaholic?

Naw....not me! I'm fine! You're fine! We're all fine. Right? right? :)

~smiles and love~


  1. Congratulations! Thanks for sharing your beautiful blog post. Thanks for visiting too.

  2. You are one lucky lady! I adore the tureen. Thanls for sharing.


  3. Congrats, Mona! That Gloria is such a dear friend, isn't she? You got some beautiful things! Of course, I heart that tureen! And all of your rose office goodies are just the perfect exta! I know you'll enjoy playing with that reindeer moss! Have a great weekend...hugs...Debbie

  4. Oh, Mona! Congratulations on winning the tureen! It's gorgeous! Am I jealous? No, not me! :) I'm happy for you! And look at your other rosey things! That Gloria is such a sweetheart! Enjoy your pretties!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :0

  5. What a lovely treasure you won and rose themed goodies too! Have fun with your gifts.

  6. Hi Mona! I love your new blog look! Which dishes do you have that I used in my tablescape? Isn't Tablescape Thursday fun? Congrats on your big win!


  7. The one thing I don't see on your desk, Mona, is a computer? Is it hiding somewhere?? tee hee.

    Well, at least you are an admitted shopaholic and that's the first step in recovery. LOL

    NICE tureen!!

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  8. Oh Mona you lucky girl!! Not only to get the tureen, but all those rose goodies and the moss too!? Wow! Aren't we bloggers generous and kind folks huh? I'm glad you stuck with blogging. Don't ever let anyone get you down. A friend of mine always says..."Say what ya mean, mean what ya say, and don't be mean when ya say it!" I think that applies to life in general. If we are kind to one another, but remain honest and true without being mean...what's wrong with that? It seems that you have a generous and loving husband and family and gorgeous place you have made into a home. That cozy little office is ALL Mona! I love it!

  9. Congrats! That tureen is most wonderful, you lucky gal you! I have never heard of reindeer moss. It looks beautiful!

  10. Mona, congratulations on your lovely win. The tureen is glorious.

    Gloria is a sweetheart.

    Have a super weekend, my friend.

    Hugs, Barb

  11. Yes Mona, we are all fine! As long as we have each other as enablers...oops I means supporters...and as long as we know when hubby is getting home so we can "put away" our things...we're just fine!

    Isn't is amazing how sharing photos of dishes and roosters with a few deep thoughts thrown in for good measure can make total strangers from all over feel so close. I love my blogging buddies!

  12. Congratulations Mona... well deserved my friend. I'm a bit envious of your soup tureen. Very nice indeed. I truly hope you enjoy it. The pretties for your office... splendid!!

  13. Oh congratulations, the tureen is just gorgeous, and your office things are just perfect. Gloria is just so sweet and what a wonderful friend to all. Hugs, Marty

  14. Here is a little test to determine if you are a shopaholic.
    1- Do your fingers tingle when you think of shopping?
    2- Do you think of selling your husband or children on eBay, for extra cash?
    and final question
    3-Have you actually sold your husband or children on eBay for extra cash?

    LOL...hope the answer to 2 and 3 is no...but if not, I totally understand how it could happen for such a good cause.

    Beautiful soup tureen!!

  15. GM Mona...girl I am so glad it made it to your beautiful home in one long did it take you to unwrap it...I am a bit of an over kill with wrapping up glass ha ha!! I can't wait to see what you do with your Reindeer Moss and cloche's..I have benn redoing an old tea cup wreath with some for my guest room..I really do love that moss ha ha!! Glad you liked all your things my friend..I just loved sending them to you knew it would have a good home...and your right hard to find them with ladle I only have one with my so far...well I ran out of room real quick in my cabinet for Ironstone...I found so much so quick at Hospice and Second Sunday...Now on to a new collection ha ha!! does it ever stop?? I tell you your office lloks like my whole house right now...My house is SREAMIING CLEAN ME!! don't blog ha ha!! blogging is more fun tho...Well better get back to my guest room I have tore apart and need to put back together again before Daughter #3 comes next week...don't want her sleeping with me!! May you have a great day my Dear friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  16. Mona you are a lucky girl! And such a coveted prize too! Wanted to say hi, and see how your summer is progressing. Hugs, Kathleen

  17. Mona,
    Oh, my...that's a lovely tureen! I'm happy you won it. It was a sweet post of a wonderful friendship. Thanks for sharing!


  18. Cheers! I love it when really great people win lovely things. It's just a reinforcement that things are right with this world when that happens. Enjoy!
    Happy Twirls,

  19. Haha Mona yay! That is so cool! I could kick myself I went to Goodwill two Saturdays in a row once and there were two different soup tureens with handles that were so nice and I didn't get them because I don't have any use for them yet you know? Ugh! I have never seen one in good condition since! I am so sad LOL. Lucky you! And the rose stuff! Awesome!

    All the best,

  20. Mona ! You lucky duck ! That was a good giveaway ! You will really enjoy that tureen .

  21. Mona, congrats! on the wonderful items you received. The tureen is wonderful. Would you send some of your luck my way, please? Chuckle!
    Everything looks lovely in your office. TTFN ~ Marydon

  22. Reader Wil... :) Thank you so much.
    I loved visiting with you...

    For The Sake OF Time...You're welcome! Now to find the perfect place to put it so I can see it.

    profenretraite..Yes...she is a wonderful friend to have. She has made me smile from day one!

    Shelia...thank you Shelia...I am having a wonderful time with all of it...and used the moss to day!

    Stella...Thanks so much Stella. I visited you for, I think the first time today..and really enjoyed your blog. What a wonderful lady that understands dogs and their needs and feelings! I loved that!!

    Liz...the ones from Neiman Marcus by Horchow.

    The Blue Ridge Gal...Oh Di...don't look! I 've changed my you SEE THAT DUST ON MY CHAIR? Good grief...LOL...I dusted..but too late...WHEN was the last time I noticed that! Iky and yuk!

    Debbie...You are the sweetest thing ever...and thank you for that. I think I understand you perfectly. I am just more careful now.

    Penny@ The Comforts Of Home/Lavendar Hill Studio: Thank you Penny! The moss is from Lake Tahoe area when Gloria lives and she gets it off the trees there. It is so sturdy and so much nice than the stuff I bought in Michaels..AND clean. The color is beautiful...I used it just as Gloria did...I fixed up one of my sad looking cloches...Bless her heart...what a sweetie she is.

    Barb~Bella Vista: Thank you Barb! You have a great weekend too!

    Dawn...Now THAT made me laugh...enablers we are!! SO true! Go shop and I'll tell you how wonderful you are and admire what you SHOPPED for. LOVE it! :)

    A Stitch In Thyme...Thank you SO much. It really is beautiful..and I love it!

    Marty39...Yes she is. A bloggyland favorite to be sure! :) the test of an Shopaholic...
    #1. Do my fingers tingle?? Actually yes to all three questions..but..does being ashamed and sorry get me off the hook? ewwwwuuuu...well...I guess I'm in trouble then. right?

    Happy To Be/Gloria...What a fun day...and today too. I used the moss to fix up my ugly even has a rather large flea bite in the rim but the moss camaflages it beautifully. I have enough for another project...such a simple thing with such wonderful results.. I loved posting about everything...Thanks so much, are just the best!! The pens write beautifully..what a great giveaway that was!! And...I WON! Yippee...(still celebrating!)

    Kathleen...Ah..honey..thank you for asking! So far so good...I just saw my youngest granddaughter yesterday and today..and she has grown up while I wasn't watching. Made me cry. She was just born..and now she is 18.
    I hated to put her on the bus today! Her Dad came with her..long story...and a good and happy one. Oregon saw her on television a few times...check out
    That is my granddaughter.

    Nancy...thank you so much. What a sweet and dear comment! Do you know Gloria? If not ...please do go meet will love her!

    Libby Murphy...Now...I am living vicariously through up the good work. I am having a great time!! :)

    Allidink...Sweetie...ya gotta grab em' while you can. Buy now..and think about if you NEED it later! They are great for all sorts of stuff...not sure what...but I am going to find out.
    Thinking on that cupcake know..I might give it a try...still thinking... :)

    Teresa@Take a Sentimental Journey:
    Yes..I was lucky! I KNOW..I KNOW I will enjoy it. I already is prettier than the photo ....just lovely.

    Blushing Rose...Marydon, I absolutely cringed when I saw the dust on the back of my chair...GOOD GRIEF! I'm definitely sending the luck your way!! Good luck! :):)

  23. SCORE! Wow. You really did. I have a passion for soup tureens, but my collection will take time. I have 4 - one with no ladle, but the hunt is so fun!
    I love your rosey office. it just looks too comfy.
    Have a great weekend!

  24. Congrats on winning all of those lovely goodies. Penny's mosaic flowerpot is a gorgeous goodie, too!

  25. That soup tureen is beautiful! Lucky you!

    Thanks for your nice comment!

  26. Hi Mona!

    Thanks for stopping by to visit, and leaving such a sweet comment!

    Congratulations on winning that beautiful soup tureen from Miss sweet Gloria!

    Did I tell how cute your blog is?!
    If I did already it bears repeating!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  27. Congrats Mona!
    What a wonderful win! You hit the jackpot! I love your BLOG! It is so beautiful. Thank you for stopping by Country Wings in Phoenix. I just love it when someone new stumbles upon me. I just started my BLOG 2 weeks ago and I am having such a wonderful time. I absolutely loved your story. I read about your trials. When God closes a window, he always opens a door. I am so happy you found love again. My DH and I have been married almost 34 years, and we only dated 2 months prior. I loved him the minute I laid eyes on him. I will love him until the day I die. He is my everything! Please add your name to my followers list if you didn't and I will definitely follow yours. Thanks again for stopping by. "Country Hugs", Sherry

    I thought that was the most beautiful soup tureen in the world and I told her I was not above begging for
    I am so glad Gloria was able to inspire and bless you to continue being a blogger....we would have missed out so much if you had stopped.
    I am so glad you became a follower of my sisters blog...Country Wings in phoenix.
    blessing and hugs to you

  29. Hi Wow beautiful blog!I am sorry I missed HPS.I came down with a sore throat and upset tummy today after my morning walk on the beach.. very cool,damp,muggie eck! and foggy on the water today,like a cold swamp?! Only 2 months left July and August 60 days?
    LOL Denise

  30. congrats! how lucky you are.
    Maybe you should go buy a lottery ticket too :)


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