Thursday, April 2, 2009


Dena of Swaddle Cottage and I both ordered these cute little baking dishes..and...Dena got hers first. Mine just arrived a couple of days ago. But...I am going to show mine anyway.. because...
There...seems to be a difference in the dish Dena and I ordered... and the one we got. I mean, it's alright..I'll keep IS a different dish. The one I got has ..what..five polka dots on it..and...the one I ordered has like seventeen or more.
I am ..honestly NOT being picky...still...I think they should have just said something when we ordered it..or..enclosed a note explaining. I like it anyway!
(wonder if Dena has noticed. tee hee!) Have a really wonderful weekend!!
P.S. Please, oh please help 47 AND STARTING OVER get her 100 comments! We don't want to be responsible for someone going around the bend over do we? (Besides...isn't it nice to have someone owe you one?!!
Hugs...and of course...smiles~


  1. What an interesting little mystery hmmm... Either way it is a CUTE dish :) That bread looks yummy...I love bread lol

    All the best,

  2. Ohh Mona, maybe some of the dots disappeared while on the post.. Hehehe.. It doesn't matter. What you got looks better because yours has mouthwatering bread and jam. It seems like it just came out from the oven.. Yummyy..

  3. How strange! Yes it is different. The polka dots are not only fewer on yours but also bigger.

    Though it is still darling.

    You should write them and tell them you want a discount because some of your dots fell off. LOL


  4. Strange thing to do I think. Why do they send something that different, because I think it is. It´s a fine dish anyway I think.

    Nice looking bread, I just baked one my self :-)

  5. are IS a different dish. The one in the photo looks deeper, too. Well, I ordered one, too, and now I am wondering if I will get the right one?? So weird...usually if there is going to be a difference, the company lets you know. Hmmmm..strange. But, your bowl is still precious. Now, I gotta go back over to Swaddle Cottage and see if her's is different...;O)
    xo bj

  6. Sweet dish, but I'm the kinda gal that would send it back and demand one with more polka dots.... kind of bad advertising on their part to have gypped you out of many of the dots you paid for. *grins Some companies just count on the fact that most people don't take the time to package things up and send them back.

    It's time for us to rise up and take action against these polka dot swindlers.. heh heh.

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  7. Morning, Dear Mona! Oh, yes! I can see the difference in the polka dots! I think you need to march right up to the place you got it and just start punching those folks in the stomach! You know I'm kidding, but I would probably call and ask why it is so different! It's still cute, though!! MMM, I like me some chocolate milk too!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. I hate when I order things and when they arrive they look different. The pan IS cute, but drat those false advertisers.

    My mom laughs at my posts. Most the time it takes her weeks to finally read them, she has believe it or not put some things totally off limits for me. Darn it.

  9. Hmmmmm...the missing polka dot caper.
    All I can say is the many polka dotted dish was so popular that they had to order another shipment. The order went to China and was translated incorrectly and the # of polka dots changed. Your polka dots are in China. Problem solved.

  10. I didn't notice the difference until you mentioned it. Now I REALLY see it. It's really cute no matter how many dots are on it, but I agree that they should have said something. Still, it's very sweet!
    Patricia :o)

    PS: I have to admit, that the first thing I noticed in your pictures was the yummy bread and jam!!

  11. Oh, I agree with you that they should have indicated how many polka dots you'd be getting on your dish because, obviously, smaller dots would mean more and, in my opinion, would be prettier.

    This really irks me because I would NEVER send anyone anything they ordered from me that wasn't EXACTLY like it's pictured. In fact, I guarantee it! Not good business to do otherwise.

  12. is what happened... I called the magazine...and they gave me a 25% discount on the dish. :) Still..I really liked the very pokie dottie dish. Ah well. We cannot have everything..I'm happy.

  13. Yum, can I have what's IN the baking dishes??

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and contributing to my goal of 100 comments today!!!! (And yes, I was offering sexual favors (jokingly) yesterday if I got 100 comments today!!!!)

  14. What a cute dish! Maybe the polka dots are like bunnies -- they multiply when you're not looking!

    I love your Easter decorations, Mona. The beautiful china on it's bed of moss is wonderful!

    And I rreally enjoyed seeing your daughter's house. My favorite was the small built-in bed -- LOVE that red!

  15. I love the casserole dish, but would have preferred one with the 17 polka dots. I will bet that the seller did not even know there was a difference - probably never left the box.
    I had to laugh at Vintage Linen's comment, I also first eyed and studied the contents of the dish. LOL!

  16. Oh Mona...You are too sweet! I am not anybody special. I love your blog! I love the dish and I like all the polka dots...however, I'm with you...they should have told you! I could not, however, keep my eyes off of those gorgeous plates to the left of your hutch in the previous post! I hope you have a wonderful weekend...hugs...Debbie

  17. This is quite the mystery.. I love bread darling.. do you have any left??? :-) Thanks so much for swinging in with your beautiful heartfelt words of encouragement...they truly mean the world to me.. I am so blessed to call you friend...hugs ~lynne~

  18. This is quite the mystery.. I love bread darling.. do you have any left??? :-) Thanks so much for swinging in with your beautiful heartfelt words of encouragement...they truly mean the world to me.. I am so blessed to call you friend...hugs ~lynne~

  19. Hmmm . . . very strange.
    I've enjoyed reading all of your comments on the polka dot mystery. I'm thinking that maybe Balisha hit the nail on the head.
    I'm glad to hear you called the company and at least got a discount.

    It's still a very cheery looking dish.

  20. THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU FOR COMMENTING! It just means SO much to me... A big HUG and lots of LOVE!

    Allidink...Me too! I love bread! This bread makes the BEST toast ever!! Hugs..

    Loida..LOL..yep...I look all around at the bottom..nothing.. :)
    Lots of idea's where they went. I doubt I will ever know! :) But..I do think Balisha got it right. A new order and a different seller perhaps.

    Debbie..YOU are SO someone special!! You ARE SO!! (stamping foot here! ) HUGS!

    Joanne Kennedy....Thanks ..I 'm glad you like it. I was just so taken with the other one..but..we can't have everything. See you this Thursday! :) Yippee!!

    Christer..You are right! It's a find dish anyway..very heavy and good quality. I am happy. The discount helped.. :)

    bj...if YOURS comes and it has the MANY dots...well...well....I'll be happy for you! I WILL darn it! I will! I will! :) grrrr

    The Blue Ridge Gal....Well...Di...there was a time I would have too...but I am old and tired and just give me peace! LOL Hey..I got an extra $5.00!!!

    Note Song....Sheila..G'morning my Sweetie.. :) Lets just say I sorta did all that in my head...and then accepted the fiver and closed my mouth. S'ok...really.. :( I'm kidding :)

    Nana..You always make me laugh! Yes..I do think they should have checked to see if the dishes were the correct ones. Something was amiss..for sure.

    Balisha..I answered you over on your blog...but...we all agree with you. It was sort of lost in the translation..or change of doubt!

    Mary...You most certainly CAN have what's in the baking dish! AND...Congradulations on your 100+ posts. If I get more than three..I get all excited!!! :)

    Vintage Linen Treasures...Yes...I still like it too. I was disappointed at first..but..but my babies didn't arrive looking like Gerber babies either...LOL and I loved them heh..I'm terrible!!

    Gaston Studio...Well..YOU are a good business woman and out to please your customers!! So...many hugs to you, my friend!! :)

    Mary...Little Red House.. I admit to getting a few butterflies when I see you have paid me a visit. Thanks so much for your compliment. It is truly valued! But then you KNOW I am an avid fan of yours! :)

    English Cottage In Georgia...
    Hello sweet friend! I'm please you like the dish...and I would have preferred the one I ordered..but..I am fine with it now. What is, know?

    Lynn's Gifts From The Heart...
    I am just SO pleased to see you are back..and with all your email and comments..that you took precious time out to visit me. I meant every word I said!!

    Happy @ Home...Thank you so much for coming by...and I also agree with Balisha. What a pleasure it is to have you visit my blog!!

  21. Oh for heaven's sake Mona...I had not noticed it until now! You are right, they did not send us the same dish that was in the picture. It is still I feel cheated out of my polkies. Hump!

    Hope you are having a great weekend!...oh you are not going to believe this...the word verification box that popped up for my comment is "polkyla" what are the odds?


  22. Hey Mona look at it this way you got more dots that you paid for..ha ha!! love the baking dish..and Dena has a bread box just like mine only mines in blue...may you have a great week end dear friend...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  23. Mona - I just discovered your blog after you posted on mine. I am sooo glad you did. You sound like my kind of woman! I loved reading your profile and was very touched by your story. I look forward to getting to know you.

    Okay- so...#1) pleae, please join my Porch and Patio Party on May
    5th!. Throw some geraniums in a pot and call it a day!

    2) I had to laugh at your baking dish vs. the picture's dish. Did you save the box? Did some of the dots fall off during shipping! LOL ;-)
    (just kidding) It's still very cute!

    Thanks for letting me browse thru your life...Blessings, Barb


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