Wednesday, April 15, 2009


First, just let me say that I enjoy ebay and have had some lovely finds on there. Usually they are from people that do not have a permanent store but just want to sell a few things. I did that for a couple of weeks once. and then...this happens. More than it should but..

Anyway...I spotted this adorable little bunny basket dish...LOVED the color and wanted it for Easter. So..I jumped in the bidding. No..that isn't true. I "lurked" for a bit...and then snapped it up. Anyway...I thought it was so cute!

I was delighted when it finally arrived..late..but it was finally here and when I opened was full of peanuts..and reach down through it all...this is what I found. NO bubble wrap, not even paper..which is bad..but nothing..just peanuts..and it was BROKEN!! mean shoot!! All this waiting and it is broken..

Now..I know from past experience it is going to cost me to return write and tell the arrived broken..and that he must pack things in bubble wrap and even two boxes if necessary with peanuts on the the post office beats the holy heck out of things! Within an hour after I informed him that it arrived broken..he had refunded my money. I was so happy, I mean, what a sweetheart. I sent him pictures but I also told him I would keep it and try to repair it, that the piece was there..except for a couple of tiny chips.
Yes..I feel's a dish for heavens sake!!! Sooo...

I glued it. And though not as good as new...

I think he looks sweet and I think I like him even more. Like me...he isn't perfect! ~BIG smile~

Love and hugs..have a wonderful Wednesday..


  1. I'm glad to hear that the seller refunded your money. It was not a wise thing for him to ship it only in peanuts and not bubble wrapped or double boxed, but it was good of him to make things right with you. It's a really cute piece!

  2. Oh, that's so sweet. I love the color and the widdle bunny on top.

  3. Nancy...Yes..he was so kind..told me I had a great attitude...of course he didn't see me or hear me when I first opened it! :)

    Balisha...Ahhh...yes...he really is a "widdle bunny" isn't he? :) speak MY language!!

  4. My sister was not so lucky about 10 years ago... the guy did not put one bit of peanuts or bubble wrap in the box with a $300 Roseville vase. He disappeared from Ebay right after. Did not refund her any money... Be careful!!

    The Blue Ridge Gal
    (the bunny dish is cute)

  5. Sorry about the broken bunny dish; let's just say the repair gives him some "character". Nice that the guy refunded your money!

    Was browsing thru your blog and saw your Easter "aftermath" posting! Your home looks absolutely lovely...just so warm and inviting!

    Blessings to you, Mona,

  6. Hi Mona,
    The dish looks really cute and you did a great job fixing it! cindy

  7. Hi Mona Dear! Oh, what a nice jester of the bunny bowl to refund your money!There's still some nice folks around, isn't there? Oh, that the bunny bowl is just adoralbe! I'll be waiting for you to get your birds. They're going to want to go for a holiday because they all know about it. So make sure you do deny them their vacation.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. Ah Mona, the dish is lovely. I love that shade of green also - goes so well with pink :-).
    I would have been unhappy with the packaging. I was told at the PO to pack so that contents of boxes could survive a 20ft drop.
    My post had a lame attempt of humor. Tomorrow never comes, as soon as it does, tomorrow is today.

  9. I totally agree with you! I try to over wrap the last thing anyone wants is a broken piece!

    I sell on Ebay but, I try my best to give good service! Cute bunny piece. At least he is broke inside right.

  10. Aw that is great that they were honest and refunded you. I've heard the horror stories before. That dish is adorable!!

    All the best,

  11. How lucky that your seller was nice enuf to refund the money.
    Such a sweet piece....
    xo bj

  12. Hello, Its my first time here and I loved reading through your posts. Your dish does look cute and the chip is hardly noticable now.

  13. He's even cuter for his faults. Kinda like me. *wink*

  14. Cute dish but sorry it was broken!!

  15. Oh. I'd've been sad too. You were very fortunate to have someone actually refund your money - that was nice. And. . . it was on the inside, which means no one can see it unless they get waaayy to close, and if they are that close - well they just shouldn't be! (I say that about my house - "If you can see the dust - you're looking too hard!".
    Well, hats off to you for doing a great job fixing it. But I know - it was so exciting to "win!" and then it's damaged.
    I have only bid on one thing on Ebay. And I used a gift certificate my sister-in-law gave me last year for Christmas. So it was OK to overpay, right? Cause I had $25 free money. Except after I "won" and overpaid, THE GIFT CARD DIDN'T WORK! So I really ended up overpaying.
    So I wasn't happy either.
    Needless to say - I haven't ventured back. HA!
    I'm glad you enjoyed visiting me at my blog. I hope you come back again and follow along!
    HAGD! Karen

  16. What a sweet blog! You made me smile! As the Nester says, "It doesn't have to be beautiful to be perfect!"

  17. It really is cute, and how nice that he refunded your money.

  18. How cute is that bunny dish. At least you got a refund and was able to repair the dish. I am kind of hesitant on Ebay myself.

    Thanks for sharing!

  19. First time to your blog. I came via Barb at Grits & Glamour.

    I saw a couple of the exact same bunny bowls at my local Goodwill but they wanted too much for them. So I didn't buy one, now I am wishing I had. Oh well, woulda, shoulda, coulda.

    Glad you were able to salvage yours. And glad the seller did the right thing in refunding your money. I just had this happen to me in March, my seller refunded all my money including shipping without me even sending photos. That is truly going the extra mile (and maybe a little stupid too). I only expected my money for the item, not the shipping. But I am sure that both of our sellers learned an expensive lesson.

  20. That happened to me too once with a hand painted glass jar I won on Ebay. It came in a small box with just one of those air filled plastic bags which was not tissue, no peanuts, nothing else. And it was shattered. My PO said he could take it back but I said no, I have to first open it then talk to the person I bought it from. I was really upset even tho it only cost about $5. At least they refunded the money.


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