Sunday, April 26, 2009


I think it's time I tried my wings this beautiful Monday..

Thank you to Susan from Between Naps on The Porch for hosting this lovely event.

These are the green dishes that I had questions about. I am featuring them here so you can see how they can be is the before..

And here is the after..they are used for the centerpiece of a Springtime wedding shower for my Granddaugher Rachel.
Another view of the table..

Brownies on my old real depression glass cookie plate looked beautiful.. notice my very old vintage tablecloth used over white linen...perfect! It worked...

And here are two of the green hobnail cake plates and the berry bowl on the top filled with even more Spring flowers. The third stacking cake plate was used to hold in another way on the table because all of it was on a silver cake pedistal holding with the theme.

And..cupcakes.. I just want to add that all of the cupcakes and desserts, decorations etc. were made by my daughter, Maryalice. She did all of this for her niece. My only part was loaning my things to help out a bit.

And chocolate coverd strawberries...HUGE cold and delicious!

And..a fruit tray..
And..the Springtime theme continued with this lovely HUGE butterfly!

Just different views of the table that I thought you might enjoy.
The beautiful lovely pink bows on the backs of each chair...sooo pretty.. This home is featured in the books by Emilie Barnes...which certainly adds to the beauty.

This silver plate punch bowl with footed tray I found in a Thrift shop. I bought it and brought it home..but..somehow it ended up with my daughter. The edges are trimmed with roses..and of course I love that about it. Note the butterfly my daughter added to the handle for a bit more of the Springtime theme of the shower. Please enlarge so you can see the butterfly better.. :)

Lots of silver was used for holding flowers such a teapots etc. The flowers were all from both my daughters yards. They love to garden as I do.

Is there anything prettier than a vase of Spring flowers...We all have our rose bushes...and they come in handy when you want to entertain. VERY handy. Beats running to the floral shop or the super market..and they are fresher! Sooo pretty!

I just got home a bit earlier and wanted to get this up and posted for the morning.
Everything went Granddaughter looked beautiful and cried when we placed her "Bride To Be" satin banner over her head and across her chest. She looked lovely. I do have a picture of her but she is shy about having her picture I won't do that. Maybe later. I have stuck to the makeover of those matching green glass stacking cake plates..
I hope you enjoyed seeing them...
Hugs to all..



What a lovely event it must have been. Your are so blessed to witness this time with you grandaughter. The tablescape is beautiful enough to be in any magazine. Thank you for sharing.


Gaston Studio said...

Mona, it's all so beautiful! I agree with For the Sake of Time that it's fabulous to share this time with your granddaughter! Am looking forward to that same time with mine... in the future as she's only 11 (going on 20!).

Kathleen said...

What a stunning table. Beautiful enought for the Oprah show...wait, even better than that. The flowers, the pink bows, just gorgeous. Hugs, Kathleen

The Blue Ridge Gal said...

What a girly party! And your green hobnail and other glass items look so great with the delicious cupcakes... Well done!

The Blue Ridge Gal

KBeau said...

Those strawberries look yummy.

Cat said...

Just beautiful.. Luv ur green hobnail collection.. All the best to ur Granddaugther..

Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

Morning Mona,

Everything looks so beautiful! It looks like it should be in a magazine :)


Shelia said...

Oh, my goondess, Mona! This is the most beautiful table I've ever seen! How spectacular! I love those green dish plates and especially how you've filled them up with goodies! The pink tule bows on the backs of the chairs! Your centerpiece! My goodness! You know this really would be gorgeous on the pages of Romantic Homes!
You're just too wonderful, Mona Dear! Oh, and congratulations to your darling granddaughter!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

kimmcl said...

Holy Cow!! Are ya kidding me?? That is one GORGEOUS tablescape! Are you doing this professionally? If not, you should be girl. You are one talented lady. Truly breathtaking. Thanks SO much for sharing!!! ~Kim

Nancy said...

Mona, you and your daughter did a fantastic job! It is such a beautiful tablescape; should be featured in a magazine!


marty39 said...

Wow, this is absolutely breathtaking. Just stunning. I so love everything. YOur tablescape is sooooo beautiful and your green glass pieces are just gorgeous. I know your granddaughter was just thrilled and she should have been. Love it all. Hugs, Marty

Balisha said...

All I can say is WOW! I even shared these pictures with my husband...they are so beautiful.

Jadehollow said...

Mona!! WoW! I Love it.. all the green an pink. I agree with all the others.. it needs to be in a magazine. Thanks for sharing.
Have a great week.

Balisha said...

Had to come back and look again. I just put a link to your post on mine this morning.. I wanted all the ladies to see this.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

I know there was a lot of good looking glass in this blog today, but I can only remember the cakes :-) :-) They look delicious!

Happy @ Home said...

Mona, everything in your post today is gorgeous. What a creative use of your green hobnail pieces. So pretty with the pink cupcakes and flowers. The butterflies on the topiaries and punch bowl ladle are so beautiful. The food looks delicious and of course I always love peeking into Emilie's old house :-) Also, you and your daughters have been blessed with green thumbs as the fresh flowers are stunning. Well, I could go on and on raving about this post, but I'd better get back to work now.

Loved it!!

prof en retraite said...

Oh Mona!!!! Just breathtaking!! I lingered over every photo! Such a gorgeous table! It must have been a wonderful shower. I know how much you must have loved doing this for your granddaughter! She is one lucky gal to have a wonderful grandmother like you!! Thanks so much for sharing...hugs...Debbie

Lindsay said...

Just beautiful! You certainly know how to throw a shower!

Happy To Be said...

GM Mona...this girl has got to be the most beautiful table I have ever seen..I just drooled over each and every picture here...Maryalice did a wonderful job and how great was it to see her home in all its glory..I just loved this post today Mona..
Congrats to your granddaughter my friend...when is the wedding?? These pics need to be in a mag girl..all the food everyhting just beautiful...Thanks so much for sharing this special day with us..May you have a wonderful day my friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria ps you did to show this again for TT..

Raggedy Girl said...

Your home is lovely. I love the kitchen photo so much. What a wonderful shower and your table was exquisite.

Have An Amazing Monday
from The Raggedy Girl-Roberta Anne

The Chateau of Remnants said...

What a beauitful Shower! Simply fabulous! Magazine Ready!
Thanks for Sharing

PS thanks for stopping by my blog

Karen said...

Oh my goodness was a gorgeous shower! She must've been giddy with delight when she saw it all!
What a wonderful job. All the little attention to detail made it just so perfect.
For a perfect day! Great job!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Amazing pictures.....I tagged you on Teresas Treasure's this morning. It's called 8 Things and is an easy and fun way to get to know other bloggers. No pressure.
Have a great week.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

For The Sake OF Time...Charla thank you so much for your visit and your sweet comment :)

Gaston Studio....Jane..your time with her is coming SO much faster then you can even know! It is hard for me to believe! and green..yes. I KNOW you would like that! :)

The Blue Ridge Gal...I am ...always so please when you like my post! I think it's a "hero worship" thing with me! LOL

KBeau...THOSE strawberries WERE yummy!!

Cat...well darn...every time I see one of your comments..I rush over to see if there is someplace ...and nope. Shoot!! Thanks for your sweet visit thought...

Dena~Swaddle Cottage...Thanks hon, I appreciate that so much! :) daughter is going to LOVE these comments. She wants to go into business..but doesn't think now is the right time. I hope she does though!

Kimmcl... Well..darn! Mary is going to fall over on this comment. Thanks SO much! I agree with you. This girl needs to do weddngs and showers...

Nancy...thank you and I agree. She is fantastic. How I love watching her put these together.:)

Marty39....Thank you So much. Your comments always make me feel great..and today my daughter thanks you!

Balisha... :) You are SUCH a sweetheart...thanks SO much! AND, you came back twice...GOODNESS! You are NOT one to give compliments I am truely overwhelmed!

Jadehallow...I don't think we have met. I will have to hop.. :) over and visit you! Thank you for your compliments..

The Cottage By The Crane Lake...
:) YEP...Ya gotta love a man who appreciates pretty things!! And..everyone who knows Christer loves him. Thanks Christer!

Happy@Home...I am so glad you liked it. Ah yes, now I remember that you are a fan of Emilies. :)
I am so glad you enjoyed it!

prof en retraite... You have such a love of pretty daughter is going to LOVE your comment! Thanks SO much! Wow!

Lindsay...MY DAUGHTER really knows how to throw a shower. Of course I did teach her a bit...tee hee...A BIT! The girl has a natural knack that has NOTHING to do with her Mom. :) Thanks SO much for your comment!

Happy To Be... Gloria..thanks so much. I am glad you enjoyed it.
The wedding is in the morning...

Raggedy Girl...Thanks So much. The home is my daughters. She gave the shower..I only contributed..and oowed and awed! :)

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

The Chateau Of Remenants...Renee...thank so much for that. My daughter is going to love hearing all of these compliments. She is a hard worker..We appreciate your comment SO much!

Teresa@Grammy Girlfriend....Theresa...thanks so much for coming by and for your sweet comments. I have already done the 8 things..but will hop over for a look see. Thank you for thinking of me!!! :) HUGS!!

Painter's Place said...

All of this looks so luscious!!!! plus I'm starving right now.

Sonnie said...

Ooooh, everything is stunning - simply beautiful :)
Best wishes to your granddaughter!
Take care - Sonnie

Marsha's Mpressions said...

Beautiful shower! Love your green hobnail collection. You have some beautiful pieces. And I love the pink bows on the chairs. Looks like tulle? The whole table is just out of this world.

Tell your granddaughter that I'm very happy for her.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Painter's Place...I KNOW exactly what you mean..I was there, ate everyhing I laid my greedy little eyes on and still today it makes me wish I had more! Thanks for stopping by and for another of your very sweet comments!!

Sonnie...Thank you SO much for your nice compliments! Have we met? :) I am looking forward to getting to know you!!

Marsha's are so SWEET and my daughter is so going to love these compliments! Tulle..yes I believe it is. I am happy that you like it so much!

Joy said...

What a pretty table you all the dishes and the food looks wonderful!!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Hi Joy...what a sweetheart you are for saying so...but..the table was done by my daughter, Maryalice! Thank you though. She will love that you think so!

English Cottage in Georgia said...

Mona, STUNNING is the word to describe the gorgeous room for the bridal shower.
Your daughter and yourself make an awesome team. I can't even comment on what I like best...there is not is all awesome :-)

Allidink said...

Gasp! That looks so wonderful, beautiful, awesome, pretty, fantastic etc etc! Your plates and glass looks sooo pretty! Everything looks absolutely picture perfect and beautiful! I love it!

All the best,

Joanne Kennedy said...

Everything looks so lovely. I love all the green plates you have. Love that punch bowl too. That is a wonderful find!

Those flowers are so pretty! I never would have guessed they came from a backyard. They look like they cost a fortune! Just beautiful!

I wish I had one of those cupcakes. I'll be continuing on with my taste tests in the next day or two. Just need to get out to more bakeries!


Cynthia said...

i don't like being late! This is so stunning my friend, it is the most beautiful bridal shower table ever! I love every aspect and I don't know how to begin. All the layers and layers of pink and pretties. i knew it wouldn't be long until people found your beautiful blog. Is this the same home I toured earlier? The cottage of my dreams? This really should be in a magazine for others to drool over. Hugs, Cindy

Smart Mouth Broad said...

I am swooning! Your mad decorating skills are awesome. I think I'm in love with you.

Allidink said...

Hello Mona :) I have something for you at my blog now :) I changed the rules I think you'll like them better LOL

All the best,

The Stylish House said...

This was a beautiful presentation, talk about raising the bar! The food the flowers the room were all fantastic! There are so many wonderful ideas here; truly everything was done very well. The green glass is striking topped with the pink cupcakes. I am sure Rachel had a great day and took away special memories. I really enjoyed viewing this. ~Cathy~

midlifeslices said...

OMGsh, are you a Martha Stewart clone? That is a gorgeous table and all the dishes are perfect and lovely.

southerninspiration said...

Oh, how all looks fabulous!!!


Liz said...

What a beautiful shower it must have been! LOVELY Table! :)


Anonymous said...

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