Wednesday, April 8, 2009

~BECAUSE THIS VOICE IN MY HEAD TOLD ME TO~ isn't my fault. It's a little voice in my head that says "hit those garage sales on Saturday...

These beautiful Easter eggs are handpainted and I have collected them over five years. There are more but these just fit in this little Westmoreland gravy boat.
A long time ago I found this pink bunny plate at a garage sale and snatched it up! Later I learned I had a really nice item and decided to try to find more. This Saturday I found the teapot. It is a tiny bit crazed..but I like that. The creamer...EBAY!! :) CHEAP!! (no..wait..I am supposed to say "inexpensive"..but hey it's CHEEP!! :)
I found this little house and church at Pier1 Imports. I thought they were SO cute. See the tiny little bunny on the front porch?? The itty baskets were $3.00.
A cherry pillow. It followed me home! What could I do.


  1. Hi Mona... I used to have that same bunny set of plates/teapot... but in green. I think I sold mine in a yard sale because I can't locate them... *sighs...

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  2. Mona, WOW! You got some really great deals. They are all so cute! Have a blessed Easter! Nancy

  3. Mona, I adore the pillow! I've always had a thing for a "cherry" print. Your Easter decorations are so cute...gotta love the little church and house. You've got a good eye there woman! hUGS, Kathleen

  4. Mona Loves Pretties

    My dear friend Mona has such a way
    Of finding the bargains on EBay.

    She goes to sales and loves to shop,
    Till she's very tired and ready to drop.

    We hope she finds so many more...
    Her blog is fun like a "Mona" store.

    She loves those pretties.. yes she does..
    We hope we see more just because..

    We think we can see the delight in her eyes...
    When she finds so many wonderful buys.

    So keep up the good work my dear blogging friend..
    We'll be here enjoying till the very end.


  5. I love your pink bunny treasures! Thanks for sharing them.

  6. Beautiful.. Love ur blog.. You make me laugh and then cry (a few posts down) Enjoy ur day. Can hardly wait to see what yard sale goodies you bring home this week..

  7. I'm going to use that justification from now on! My little voice and they all follwowed me home. LOL! Love everything!!

  8. Those handpainted eastereggs are fantastic!
    Happy easter!

  9. Ohhh! Everything is so pretty! I just wanted to let you know that I've seen a lot of those bunny plates and other items with the same bunny on it at Marshall's. In case you are still looking for more! They may be all gone now though because we're so close to Easter and they are just so cute.

    All the best,

  10. Woohoo! Too, too cute. Everything! I really like the bunny teapot. And the pillow...well what else could you do.


  11. Hi Mona!
    Those eggs are gorgeous! I love your PINK bunny ware!Can't believe you found them all so "cheep"!

    Thanks for stopping by and for your kind comments...I actually put up the wrong link...that was last weeks tablescape...if you'd like to see my Easter tablescape stop back...I'd love to have you visit again!
    Happy Easter!

  12. Glad I wasn't with you because there might have been a scene! Love all your finds. Also from the next post down, the angle on your porch, Love it! and the two little rabbits...Mr. cinnamon nose is too cute!
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your sweet comment. (I never thought of myself as a decorator and have a lot to learn before being a pro. I just do what I like and it is always evolving)
    Easter Blessings, Candy

  13. Hi Mona,

    I love those pretty eggs, they look like candy! Of course that pillow is adorable! Hope you have a great day :)


  14. Thank you for your sweet comments. I love garage sales but they aren't so great here. You found some wonderful finds. Happy Easter!

  15. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love yours. You seem to find the best stuff at yard sales. Happy Easter!!


  16. Oh, I love all the pieces, especially the little house, church, handpainted eggs and - - - well, I just LOVE it all. I love to thrift shop too, and your finds are gorgeous. Thanks for stopping by my Easter table and leaving such gracious comments. I really appreciate it. Hugs, Marty

  17. Hi Mona!! Oh, I love those pretty eggs and I have a green tea pot like your pink one! I want a pink one now! The pillow is just darling! And bunnies!

    Oh, I must tell you how you and your daughter have inspired me by showing my her house! I went to and ordered 3 of Emilie Barnes' books. I got the first one yesterday "Welcome Home" showing the house. If I had my pick of Emily's way or MaryAlice's way - guess which one I'd pick! MaryAlice! I love it that they painted the dark woods white!
    Oh, I'm having fun!!
    Happy Easter, my friend.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  18. Hi Di...Well, I cannot tell you how many things I have sold and then been sorry later! I KNOW what you mean!

    Nancy...You have a wonderful Easter too. Yep..the little sleeping angel made me smile and it was a definite deal..

    Kathleen..I am so glad you like my cherry pillow. I bought a small set of everyday cherry dishes that were cheap and..I like them..but the red on the edges is broken up for some odd they stay! :)

    Balisha...LOL I just LOVED my poem. I shall keep it. NO one except Patrick has written me a poem. I do have to say..when you said you would be here with me and my shopping to the end, it gave me a moments pause :) and...well...I thought..oooooww..I better be ..careful! :) Thanks, Balisha! It is so cute! I am honored!!

    Annie...Glad you like the pink do I! :)

    Cat...Ohhh...what a sweet thing to say. :) I appreciate that so much!!

    Michelle...yeah... :) it works every time! :)

    Christer...A woman, an artist paints them on ebay. I have been following her for about 6 years now..and love her tiny roses. Her painting just gets better and better. If I can get something from an artist that does origianl work...I am always delighted and will usually follow and buy from them. I am so glad you liked them. too!! :)

    Allidink...:) You just plain make me smile every time you visit. Thanks so much for the tip.

    Patti Cakes..sweet friend...of course I was helpless...I tried to get away..but have you EVER in your LIFE seen how fast pillows can RUN??? Glad you like my bunny teapot.

    Kathleen Ellis... :) I am so glad you liked those hand painted eggs. There is only one of each and I have been collecting for a long time.
    I hopped back..and YES...LOVED your Easter tablescape!! JUST LOVELY!

    Candy! Thank you so much for stopping by..and pro or SHOULD BE!!! :) sweet friend..WHERE HAVE you been!..I check every day...never mind..I know! I must get an email off to you. :) Soon.

    Ceekay...I do like those garage sales. Happy Easter to you too!!

    Painters Place...thanks so much..Your blog was a joy to visit. Thank you so much for stopping by.. :)

    Marty39...I enjoyed my visit to you very much. I don't get around as much as I should..and I had a wonderful time doing it. I love meeting new people and you are such a gracious lady! :)

    Shelia... You didn't!! :) You bought the book? Oh, Mary will be delighted and of course Emilie Barnes won't complain!! :) Emilie used a lot of toys in her decor love Emilie's way. Mary is still working on getting it together..more in detailing rather than the furnishings right now...and her GIANT dog is giving her fits. LOL

    Hugs to all who wrote and visited me! I am so very greatful!!
    A wonderful Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Your comments were all so kind and I appreciate that.
    Love and smiles~

  19. I love those easter eggs!! Easter is not only a worship day but also fun. With all of the lovely colors.

  20. GOOD GRIEF! I did it again. I misspelled the word "grateful"!!!
    Oh well... :)

  21. I am sooooo glad that you commented on my blog...because that comment was my roadmap to your blog. LOVE IT! I invite you to join me on Thursdays for Thrifty Thursday, a show and tell or sorts in wchich to share your thrifty finds. You have some fabulous ones on your blog! I love that! I love the eggs and bunny plates. I also looked at those glitter houses. I may have to return and purchase. I collect the glitter houses.
    Be sure to come back Monday and register for my giveaway!
    Have a Blessed Easter. HE HAS RISEN!

  22. All great finds. One day, we're going to have to go shopping together.

  23. A Stitch in Thyme..Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting.

    Leigh...I am glad you were able to follow me and let me know about Thrifty Thursday. How nice of you.

    SMB...A shopping trip with you would be better than any trip to Disneyland! Just the thought makes me grin!!

  24. This is my very first vist to your blog and I am happy I found you. Oh my...those pink plates and teapot would fit perfect in my home. Lovely...just lovely! Happy Easter to you!

  25. Mona,
    I wish I could go to your garage sales! I just love that pink teapot, do you know the brand, or name maybe I could look on E-bay. What great finds! Cindy

  26. I love the pink dishes! Very pretty.


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