Sunday, April 12, 2009


Easter is over. I love this holiday and hate to see it go. Such a glorious day. We always gather in a circle and hold hands and say grace. Then anyone can say or add their own thoughts. It always makes me cry tears of joy at just being together.

The candy table. I am happy just looking at it..sorta. Notice a grandson in the background testing a bit! Don't you just love those grandkids?!

I should just apply all this directly to my hips and not bother to..pass go. ~smile~

The desert table..and it doesn't even show the rice pudding or the chocolate bread pudding.

We are such fortunate people to have the life we have. There is lots of work in the preparation but there is lots of love too and it is always worth every minute. All I had to make was the large bowl of macaroni salad you see there..sorry..don't think you can see my eggs..and..of course the baked beans. YUM!

Easter is over for another year..and what a beautiful day it was.


  1. Mona,
    That looks just fabulous! What more can I say, I'm so glad when you come for a visit. Cindy

  2. It looks like your day was similar to ours. :) Delicious and such a blessing!

  3. Everythng looks beautiful! Glad you had a great day with the family and grandkids! Have a great week!

  4. Mona, you did a fabulous job on your table...I see that we collect much of the same things..the pink bunny plates...(I collect rabbits) and they are all over the house year round!! I also see some Mackenzie-Childs..Courtly Check..I have that in my kitchen!! Love M-C!! won the TARGET BIRDIES!!! Please send me your addy so I can mail to you.

    Have a Creative Day!

  5. Chocolate bread pudding Mona, I'm hurrying over for leftovers, right now!

    Glad you had such a wonderful day and had those you love around you.


  6. Mona, the tables of food and goodies look wonderful! You do such a fantastic job with your decorating. It looks right from the pages of a magazine, but better! I'm glad you had such a blessed day with family. God Bless!

  7. Everything on your tables looks beautiful but I especially like that white layer cake with a touch of lavender.

  8. Hello! I've just found your blog from Confessions of a plate addict and have so enjoyed visiting all your posts. Loved all your Easter thoughts and decor - your home looks wonderfully inviting.
    Thank you for letting me visit! I'll be back . . .

  9. I love those tables :-) :-) Looks all so delicious! I was working this easter so all I had was the easter egg filled with candy. Perhaps best for me, I´m big enough as it is :-)
    happy easter Monday (That is a holiday here in Sweden so we don´t have to work :-) )!

  10. What beautiful traditions you have. I'm all for that dessert table. I would have had such a difficult time picking out just one. Everything looks so yummy. I am so glad you had a wonderful day. HUgs, Kathleen

  11. Your Easter decor is lovely...the banner, the tables, etc. Your Easter dinner looks as if it were a banquet...yummy!

  12. Hi Mona,
    I love that tradition of holding hands while saying grace. It sounds like you had a beautiful Easter with your family.
    And speaking of beautiful I LOVED all of your photos. Everything truly did look like it came out of a magazine and the food looks so yummy it's making me hungry.

    Thanks for sharing.

  13. Oh my goodness. I just gained 10 lbs looking at all that gorgeous food. lol What a wonderful day you had with family. We also were fortunate to spend the day with our family and grandchildren and I so agree those are the most blessed days of all. Everything was presented in such a beautiful manner and what fabulous dishes to choose from. Hugs, Marty

  14. Hi Dear Mona! Oh, what beautiful pictures of I'm sure the beautiful time you had with your family! Lovely food! Wish I had a grandchild, but nope, just granddogs! Shoot! ;)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  15. Oh Mona,
    It all looks so beautiful. And yummy.. Any leftovers?

  16. OH MY..well...I'm sorry I didn't make myself clear. :) We spent Easter Sunday at my daughters home which I featured in an earlier post. It didn't occur to me that perhaps there would be bloggy friends that had not seen it. The home that belongs to my daughter, Maryalice, is the home that has been featured in Emilie Barns' books some time back. It is called THE BARN and was made famous in her books such as "Welcome Home." If you would like to see other photo's of the home they appear on a previous post and two of the five bathrooms are features on Sheila's NOTE SONG blog. Thank you so much for your sweet compliments on my daughters home. I am proud of her!
    ~smiles and hugs~

  17. What a glorius spread for a glorius day. What a treat for you to be able to share Easter in this beautiful setting.

  18. Oh it all looks yummy! Glad you had a good day. Mine did not go so well. Will blog about it.


  19. Everything looks so luscious and delicious! Is this at your daughter's home? She has a MC tea kettle just like mine! And, I WISH I had that big cover over her pie!!
    Have you noticed my middle name is "WANT" ? I should be ashamed...but when I quit wanting, guess I'll be dead!!

  20. Everything looks just wonderful!

  21. Hey, Mona...I didn't find your first comment around anywhere...guess it's out there in cyber space where all mine are !
    The only thing I think of that I mentioned I would show in a later post is a set of salt and peppers from that what you were thinking of??

  22. Mona I am so glad you had a great Easter girl...oh look at all those YUMMIES there..I did a spiral ham with cherry glaze and it was so good...may you have a great week dear friend...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  23. 'Wish I had the chance to go to that Easter feast even I was not invited. I'll gonna go straight to the desert table and take the chocolate pudding as much as I can.. I'm sure your grand kids will gonna laugh at me. Glad to know you had such a heartwarming Easter celebration with your loveones. Have a nice day my friend.

  24. Next Easter, I'm coming to your house! YUM!

  25. All of this food looks so scrumptious, and I just ate lunch!!!! Thanks for visiting my blog. I don't know why you're having trouble getting to it. I went to your site and click on my name and it took me right to it. Hopefully it was just a temporary misdirect. Let me know if you're still having problems.

  26. Oh my gosh it all looks so fantastic! I wish I was in your family haha.

    All the best!


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