Sunday, January 18, 2009


"The Lost Sparrow's of Roodepoort" by Fevered Dreams Productions. It is a documentary about an orphanage and hospice for AIDS afflicted children in Roodeport, South Africa.
In the photo is my new husband, Howard, on the left and in the middle, me, and on the right is my grandson, Brock. He is the oldest son of my daughter Mary.
He is attending college and will be doing documentory's as his life's profession. This one took him to Africa. The young man who's dream it was to do this film died of leukemia before it was completed. His name was David Ponce and he was only 19 years old. It was David's dream to "give a voice" to the children. From all I have read, he was a young man with a beautiful spirit. My grandson, Brock, finished the film alone. They were best friends. When the film previewed his parents spoke. I will never forget the sad but uplifting experience of seeing such bravery shine through their heartbreak. It's an amazing story. Brock will go on alone persuing stories like this as a career. He graduates from college this June.
I am proud to be his grandma.


  1. Mona, what a good looking family you have. And you are adorable! I like your hair both ways, by the way. You have every reason to be proud of your grandson! What a great guy!

  2. Thank you my sweet friend! :)


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