Thursday, January 22, 2009


I guess my hutch is the first to feel the change of season..or holidays. Actually, my hutch is still waiting to be refinished...but in the meantime I am getting into Valentines.
I had to laugh to day when one of our sweet bloggers said she was getting "bloggers butt!" I am a new blogger..and..I have noticed I have a head start on bloggers butt!
I have blamed it on everything else..might as well blame it on blogging now.
Even some of the negitive comments about our new President cannot dampen my joy!
The more I hear...the more pleased I am. Just call me "Smiley" cuz it suits me right now.
I went Goodwilling today..and hit the second hand shops...AND my camera is back so..tomorrow I am going to try and do a tiny bit of "show and tell." Nity nite!


  1. Hey, Smiley! I love going to Good Will and yard sales. You have a lot of red in your home and I love it!It looks so cozy.

  2. Red..yes..I know. living room is in roses and pinks and light aqua...sorta thing. Trying not to get a can of red spray paint and douse the place!! :)


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