Monday, January 19, 2009

FRIENDLY VILLAGE..and the economy..

Today my daughter called to tell me to come and get some things she is getting rid of. One of the things is a set of 12 Friendly Village dishes. I was delighted..but..sad. The economy is forcing a lot of young families to downsize and worse.
Watching her begin to take her dream house apart is ....killing me. I know how she must be feeling. She says it is alright, that she is fine now. That she has accepted it. So much time and effort went into making it gorgeous. I will take what I can, but it hurts, and hope one day she will come and get it back. She says "No..I will get new when we get back on our feet again" It's funny, because no one I know is getting a bit of help with their businesses or saving their homes. I am certain I heard that there was some sort of thing taking place to help people keep from going under. What is going on? It's the young who have children in college, hard working young men and women. I'm sad and distressed watching it go on. I have such hope for the future. I was beginning to think I would never feel such hope for us again.


  1. It's heartbreaking to have to get rid of all you've worked so hard to acquire. I too have hope. We have to. At least your daughter can give them to you so that she can have them back later. She may change her mind, you know.

  2. Hi Mona,

    Oh that is heartbreaking. These are such difficult times and I can really feel for her. I'm glad that you are able to take some things and hold them for her - she may want them back later. I have that same set (those are the one's I went back for!)

    PS - I sent you some instructions ;)


  3. I can empathize with you. My daughter at this very moment is in the process of getting rid of all her possessions. A beautiful house she had furnished and has had to barter for dimes items that cost her thousands. She will be coming back home cross country with her beloved dogs. We will shelter her until she can get on her feet again.

    I, have to remain hopeful, so that my children will one day believe that the advice I gave them was good. I promised them if they studied hard, worked hard, they would have a good future. They kept their end of the bargain....

  4. Thank you so much for your sweet word. How on earth did I ever live without this blog to come to and yours to visit. Thanks. SO much.
    The dishes she didn't really want..but I am giving her my J&G Meakin Romantic England china. :) It is my girls that take things from MY home..not me taking from theirs. I am very uncomfortable with it even though she knows I feel it is all temporary and things will get better and I will make her take as much back as she can. I am downsizing and she knows this. She just knows her things are safe here and she can come and get them. They are just trying to get the place emptied out quickly. The plants are live, such as potted roses etc. but she knows I will take good care of them for her. Everyone is trying to help. It's hard.

  5. Hi Mona, I know your heart was breaking. I wish I could help in some way, but will send prayers her way, I know how she feels and I'll leave it at that.. The table full of goodies are just beautiful.. hugs my friend,


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