Tuesday, January 27, 2009

~CLUELESS..as in totally~

About the pot of...pods. Well..my husband feels so great when he gathers them and brings them to me. He is really working on getting used to my constant fixing and changing..so..I made a huge deal of the pods..and told him I would fill a container..so..I did. What am I going to do now that it is full? Well, I'm not really sure. You have to admit the greenery DOES help. Hey, I am doing my best with those dang pods! Some are like fourteen inches long and rattle when you shake them. Anyway...clueless on that one.
Another thing, when it comes to posting more than one picture at a time. I tried it and it didn't work. It looks easy..but for some reason the picture didn't appear. Then I tried to take a little chipmonk or something..a squirrel (?)from bj's blog..(she said it was alright..so..) and it vanished. Poof! I was startled and disgusted and gave up. Later that day I went on to do something totally different and there it was..in a folder. Right where it was supposed to go. I followed Di's instructions and it worked. I had just expected it to appear on my blog..guess it doesn't happen that way. Again, clueless.
I spent..hours trying to get some different colors on my blog. At least you can read it now. Clueless.
But..clueless or not...I am having a party. Naturally I kind of hang my head when I see how many visitors other blogs have..but...I wouldn't be able to handle any more anyway. :) Besides..I couldn't have better examples of how it's done than by the blogs of the wonderful women who visit me! I really love this "blogging" thingy. It's creative..and you get to talk and give your opinion. Really neat.


  1. Mona... you make me laugh and shake my head.... what a crack up you are!


    Pot of pods full? So buy a bigger pot. Why not!

  2. Your blog is beautiful and so is your decorating! I have a teapot like that and 1 cup and saucer. I LOVe them! xo rachel

  3. Thank you, Rachel, but..I don't even have a header..and..well..anyway..thank you. :)

  4. Di..he is so proud when he brings me those pods. One at a time they really are pretty in an primitive sort of way. You know? HEAVY sigh!


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