Saturday, December 20, 2008

The old treadle machine

Under this deep red piano cloth is an old treadle in perfect condition. It was taken apart and hauled in pieces on an airplane and reassembled here in California. It is from Maine. Bucks Harbor to be exact.
After Christmas I will post it so you can enjoy it's beauty. In the meantime it holds my Fitz and Floyd pretties.
This blog is enjoyed by family members that are far away and know I have started a new life and can see that I am still decorating my life away. ~smile~

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  1. Hi Mona. Thank you for visiting my home and for commenting on my Fitz & Floyd collection. I treasure every piece and have some for Easter, too! I love your Christmas pieces! I don't have any of those and will have to check ebay and other haunts to see if I can find them. That said, I'm not sure where I'd place any more Christmas pieces as my china cabinet is full!

    Merry Christmas and please visit me again! ~Arleen


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