Wednesday, December 17, 2008

HUGE lesson learned!

Ok. Here is what I have a day. I AM NOT A I don't have a great camera. Also, I have learned that taking a decent photo is NOT an easy task. Getting a "dew drop" is not going to happen here. Sigh.
Also..another thing. REMOVE anything extra such as cords, an empty glass, your pill case (ugg!)
television get the point.
After visiting a few really GOOD blogs and looking at their pictures, I will NEVER know what made me think "shoot! I can do that!" Also, I am beginning to see my "decorating" through other peoples eyes. Gives you a whole new perspective! Uh huh. Sure does! So..back to the drawing board.

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Anonymous said...

Love your humorous self deprecation and cheerful attitude to life! Your personality shines so brightly on these pages, Mona!
Des xx